WIP Original Table FizX BAM FP Masters of the Universe - Collector's Edition

Future Pinball

KHAN ARTIST (Kobra Khan)


I just completed creating the newest Man-E Mode bringing MOTU CE up to 14 modes now. This new mode is called KHAN ARTIST.

Kobra Khan appears through a portal as a BumperHead toy. He is trying to set you up for a crime you didn't commit.

Kobra Khan, has 3 attacks you must pass through to progress.

Snake Tongue - Kobra Khan will rotate back and forth while lashing out his long tongue, making it hard to pass him and make shots. If your ball hits his tongue at all, he will suck the ball into his mouth and spit it out elsewhere! Once you make two lit shots, then he begins his next attack.

Venom Mist - Kobra Khan rotates back and forth spraying his deadly venom mist. If you get caught in the mist, your ball will be frozen / paralyzed in place... and then dropped! After you make two lit shots then he will being his final attack.

Kobra Trance - Kobra Khan rotates back and forth with his snake eyes trying to catch you in his glance! If you fall within his line of sight, then your ball will freeze in place. Kobra Khan will spray sleep gas at you to tire you out! This makes all the table lights dim out over and over... and the worst part? Your flippers controls are reversed! This will continue for a short time until you recover. Each time you get caught in his gaze this repeats! Make two last lit shots to complete the mode and collect the Kobra Khan action figure!

This mode is very neat, but can be very challenging! You really need to keep the ball under control! Your Orko Shots can be VERY helpful here... but they can also fire your ball into a deadly attack as well! Be careful!

This game is getting HUGE... and I love it!

More to come!

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View attachment 42794
You guys should all be proud on how far future pinball has come. Even since I started 2 years ago it has improved immensely.!
Damn, Terry, how do you do it!
That mist effect is verrrry nice!



I just completed creating the newest Man-E Mode bringing MOTU CE up to 15 modes now. This new mode is called DIAMOND RAY DILEMMA.

Skeletor has found the lost Diamond Ray of Disappearance! Anyone who gazes at it's rays for too long is transported to another dimension! While progressing through the mode battling Skeletor, he makes the diamond appear through a portal as a bumperhead toy, and uses it on Man at Arms and Zoar (the Sorceress) to make them disappear from the playfield!

He then tries to use it on you! You must progress to deflect it away from you towards Skeletor, causing him to drop the diamond! Now you must go after the diamond by hitting the bumperhead toy, as the Sorceress has told you the only way to save everyone is to crush the Diamond of Disappearance!

Every shot you make into the Diamond / Bumperhead toy progresses you farther, but there is one problem. Each time you do so you drift farther away into another dimension, and it makes your ball more and more transparent, making it harder to see it!

After you hit enough shots to the diamond... He-Man disappears!

To finish the mode, you must press the Action button to crush the Diamond! After you do so, the diamond shatters, and everyone returns safely back to Eternia! For completing the mode, you are rewarded with the Moss Man action figure!

Not sure how many more modes I'll be adding... I have a few more ideas... but I'm getting closer.

... and yes, the ball is a new He-Man ball! You now will get to choose between a He-Man / Skeletor / Hordak ball, or a chrome version of each.... or just a normal chrome ball.

More to come!

View attachment motu ce - drd demo_1.mp4

Never was a he-man watcher wa way back. But I remember some of the dialog. Very cool, Terry you amaze me.
Never was a he-man watcher wa way back. But I remember some of the dialog. Very cool, Terry you amaze me.
No I never watched He-Man but the pinball game looks cool. I did watch some Thundercats, my friend even had the plastic thundercat sword I would use to smash all his toys with we would line them up and knock them over with the sword.
That mist effect is verrrry nice!
the whole table and effects are nice, they fit, they are done with passion and talent , mass perks. Terry's graphics and lighting are always on point, its hard to find any flaws if there are any.

New - Mekaneck toy, and other cool new features!


New Mekaneck toy!

I added Mekaneck to the playfield. He will raise his robotic / periscope long neck whenever the ball goes down the castle ramp, and follows the ball a bit.

I may add a new feature called "Mekaneck Mystery" which will either give you a random Mystery reward, or may enable / start something new on the playfield.

View attachment Mekaneck.mp4


Launch Perks

Another new feature I've added (but can't really show yet) are Launch Perks. When you start a new ball, similar to Sonic Pinball Mania, you see perks randomly cycle. When you press the action / launch button, whichever perk is highlighted is what you get as the ball launches. This really allows for more dynamic gameplay, as this means that some modes can be instantly "ready" and active, waiting for one more shot to start them. Or you could get possible rewards such as more Orko shots, an Extra Ball, etc.

It was tricky to do, but I made sure that the order of the random perks doesn't repeat, but it's still random each time it cycles through all options.

The other thing I did was make sure that if a mode has been completed, then that perk will no longer be one of the options, so as to not waste a perk for each ball, and to narrow down the options, etc. This makes for great gameplay progression.


Choose your Faction

At the start of the game... you get to choose what faction you get to play. The options are:

EVIL WARRIORS (Skeletor, etc)
THE EVIL HORDE (Hordak, etc)

What faction you choose will determine the following (so far):

- what characters you get to choose for your player
- the appearance of your ball (this can be overridden in TABLE OPTIONS, and you can have whatever you want, no matter the faction)
- some changes to the playfield appearance


Choose your character

- whatever faction you choose will determine what character you can choose for your player
- game is single player only (very complex table to add more players to), but if that ever changes this would be add some fun to that
- this is more for fun currently, but I hope to add some perks or one time bonus for each character


This all really adds so much more to the game for fun and visually (when I'm done)... so expect to see even more cool stuff coming!
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Oh boy....

I've been busy the last month. So there has been MANY updates and new features added in that time. So this next post will have lots of pictures, info, maybe a few videos. Needless to say... progress has come along VERY nicely!

Here we go. This will be a BIG post.


New: plastics models, art, weapons and character models

So, I've been hard at work finalizing the last bits of the playfield. I needed to wait until this was done before I could finish certain things, but man did this all turn out great!

Plastics (art and new clear models)

Since I had to rebuild most of the table's layout (after adding new physics and new items, etc), this meant I had to make new artwork for the plastics. Half of the original plastics art is still there, but the rest is new.

After this was done, I decided to finally try to make new "clear plastics models". On previous tables, I would just add a new FP surface layer on top and add some reflective looking sphere maps. This worked ok but didn't give the look I wanted (looking like real pin plastics)

So, to create better looking clear plastics, this needed to be done in Blender. First I export the FP table's surface plastics into Blender as a model. Then I made the plastics model slightly larger than the FP surface art. Then I would add a bevel to the top edges. I could leave this as a sharp bevel, or add smooth shading. Both give a nice result in FP. I decided to go with smooth shading, as it looks better from a real gameplay view. Then I separate the flat top portion and the edges into separate models. This way I can use separate settings and textures for them in FP.

Now I import these new clear plastics models back into FP as "fp ramp models", since this will allow both sides of the edge models to be rendered through the top layer (normally models only render one side). I then apply some nice semi transparent sphere maps (based on the playfield art) to the side models, and then use a separate sphere map for the top flat model. Both of these models are placed on top of the thin FP plastics art surface.

When combined correctly, this makes the plastics look SO much nicer, and almost gives a similar look to a refracted clear plastic. During gameplay, if you play in a moving FP camera view, or especially in VR this really looks stunning, as the still pics don't do it justice.

motu ce - new playfield, plastics, items - mekaneck.jpg

New Weapons models

- I always wanted to add more motu weapons to the playfield
- I made an Evil-Lyn magic staff that is positioned near the kickback. The sphere / orb is a FP flasher and will light up when you ball gets kicked back into play
- I added a new Sorceress staff in a similar location on the right side outer lane
- I added new motu mace weapon models on both flipper guide plastics to replace the older swords (we have a newer sword model with He-Man)
- I previously added a new Havoc Staff (Skeletor) and He-Man axe, sword and shield

motu ce - new playfield, plastics, items - evil lyn.jpg

motu ce - new playfield, plastics, items - sorceress staff.jpg

New character models

- new Hordak and Roboto models (to replace the much older Webstor and Man-E Faces models)
- new Mekaneck model (for the new Mystery feature)
- He-Man, Skeletor, Man-At Arms, Orko models and many others are all new models (that I added long ago)
- the vr / game room will have lots of new models

The only models left from the original table are the Zoar falcon, the Castle pop up toy, the clear ramps (which have been remodeled partially for the new table), spotlights, and the two signs (castle prison and banner).

motu ce - new playfield, plastics, items - figures.jpg


- new art created for both ramps
- new art for both ramp covers

motu ce - new playfield, plastics, items - ramps.jpg


New: AutoPlunger and Balls (based on your faction choice)

The new "Choose Your Faction" feature I've added will change some things in the game based on the faction you have chosen. Two of them are the autoplunger models, and the ball.


Heroes = Fisto fist
Evil = Clawful claw
Horde = Leech suction hand


Heroes = He-Man chest plate
Evil = Skeletor chest plate
Horde = Hordak chest plate

You can force what ball you want to use (no matter the faction) in the TABLE OPTIONS in the table script. you can also choose to use a standard chrome ball instead.

This can also be toggled during attract mode.

motu ce - new plungers, balls - heroes.jpg

motu ce - new plungers, balls - evil.jpg

motu ce - new plungers, balls - horde.jpg



The new "Choose Your Faction" feature I've added will change some things in the game based on the faction you have chosen.

Two of them are the playfield art and bonus multiplier characters.

The many changes and new items I added to the table required that I make new art for the playfield. The parts of the playfield art that remain the same are still new as I sourced new higher resolution art to composite it all together.

There is lots of new art for the heroes playfield, but the evil and horde playfields are pretty much all new.

motu ce - choose faction - hero.jpg

motu ce - choose faction - evil.jpg

motu ce - choose faction - horde.jpg

motu ce - choose faction - hero - upper.jpg

motu ce - choose faction - evil - upper.jpg

motu ce - choose faction - horde - upper.jpg



The new "Choose Your Faction" feature I've added will change some things in the game based on the faction you have chosen such as the playfield art, the autoplunger model, and the ball (all to match the faction you choose).

However, the faction you choose will also give you one more option. The ability to Choose your Character. The characters you can choose from are specific to your faction. Your character will simply appear on the mirror display on the playfield during the game. The idea was more for fun, but also may be handy if I'm able to add multiplayer support in the future (so each player can see their character during their turn, etc).

I won't have "every" character, but I included the more common ones from the 80's toys and cartoons, etc. This is the list of characters:

Heroic Warriors

Ram Man
Moss Man
Man-e Faces
Clamp Champ
Snout Spout

Evil Warriors

Beast Man
Trap Jaw
Kobra Khan
Scare Glow
Two Bad

The Evil Horde

Shadow Weaver

View attachment motu ce - choose character.mp4



A new feature I've just added is Mekanack Mystery.

To enable it you must make a number shots to either the left orbit or the upper right inner loop and have the ball travel down past He-Man where the new Mystery insert and Mekaneck toy are located. This must be done when not in a mode. The number of shots required can be set in TABLE OPTIONS.

Once enabled Mekaneck will say something and raise his neck all the way up. Then you can trigger Mystery by hitting the He-Man kicker (when not in a mode).

Mystery will cycle through numerous rewards and eventually stop and reward you with whatever it ends up with (it's always random). Currently this can be the following (but may change):

- increase Orko Shots (+5 for now)
- extra ball
- bonus multipliers x2,x3,x4,x5,x6
- award big points
- enable Battlecat Bumpers
- award action figure
- award vehicle
- award playset

I've coded this so that the Mystery will only offer and cycle through options that are of a greater value than what you have, or something you can still acquire. So if you already have Bonus Multipliers x4, then it won't allow x2 or x3 to be an option. This makes it so it won't waste your mystery reward on something you already have. (if you have all action figures, then it won't offer that, etc) Other variables can change what's offered as well such as game progress, how many balls left, or how many Orko shots you have, etc. These are the kind of things I need to eventually iron out after the game is close to done and tested a lot.

View attachment motu ce - mystery.mp4


New: LAUNCH PERKS and Mirror Display


Another new feature I've just added are Launch Perks. This is similar to what I added to Sonic Pinball Mania, but with some changes.

At the start of each ball, the mirror display that is positioned over the plunger lane area will quickly cycle through many "perks" (random order). When you launch the ball whatever perk is shown will be applied. The duration of the cycle time can be set in TABLE OPTIONS (to make it really easy for kids or bad players, etc).

These are some of the perks (but may change):

- increase Orko Shots (+5 for now)
- extra ball
- Mystery is Ready
- Man-E Modes is Ready
- Hordak is Horrible is Ready
- Sorceress Struggles is Ready
- She-Ra Slingshots is Ready
- Teela's Training is Ready
- He-Man MB is Ready
- Skeletor MB is Ready
- Castle MB is Ready
- Ripper MB is Ready
- Shot Unlocked (to instantly allow progression on all shots)

This allows you to get into modes quickly without having to progress through their shots to make them "ready". Since this is random, it makes for unpredictable gameplay with each ball launch and makes for fast action and fun. With each new ball it can narrow down what perks you have so you can have a better chance at start new modes more quickly the better you play.

I've coded this so that the Launch Perks will only offer and cycle through options for modes that are not "completed" or not already "ready", etc . So if you already completed a few modes (you can't replay any mode after completing them) then the Launch Perks will no longer include those modes. This makes it so it won't waste your Launch Perk on something you already have completed.


I've now fully utilized the mirror display I created. Now it will show the following:

- what player is playing and what faction they are from
- what mode you are playing in
- splash images of characters (with a callout) when their mode is ready, or another mode is progressing
- ball saves
- battlecat bumpers
- bonus multipliers
- rewards for things like action figure, vehicles, playsets
- mystery rewards
- launch perks

There could be more things added later on. I'm really happy how this turned out as its surprisingly effective at giving you helpful visual feedback without needing to look at the DMD display.

View attachment motu ce - launch perk and mirror.mp4



This new table is becoming a massive game. The table file is by far the largest FP table (and larger than most new VP tables) at around 435 MB... so far. I could reduce that a bit with some texture optimizations.

The table... visually... is pretty locked down now and won't be changing much. The VR room still needs to be completed (and could be big)... and other bits here and there.

The content in this table for an original is just getting crazy. 15+ modes and many new features.

The hard part for me now.... is stopping myself from adding more new features and modes.
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New: TEELA's TRAINING - Naughty He-Man update


I've updated my new Teela's Training mode a little bit. :)

In this mode Teela is training you to improve your swordsmanship. Your objective is to evade her. While she is facing away from you and distracted, you need to attack from behind.

However, when Teela is facing away from you... oh my, that naughty He-Man now will turn towards Teela and focus his gaze at her. When you attack and Teela discovers what's going on, she isn't standing for your shit, and scolds you. He-Man immediately turns around and faces away in shame... shame... shame... shame...

When you hit enough lit shots, the target bank lowers. Shoot the ball in there to complete your "training".

If you are struggling with your aim, never hesitate to use an Orko Shot to assist you. :)

View attachment motu ce - teela update.mp4

duplicate post

It's not something most people even think about, but something as simple a TILT can be a huge endeavor to implement correctly on a table like this.

With now 16 modes (yes I'm making a new one as we speak), you have to think of everything that could go wrong, and I have MANY staged events that play out through gameplay that need to be sorted and correctly stopped / hidden / animated if you tilt. You also have to properly deal with balls draining, as some may be hidden or destroyed during staged events.

I have it so that you can't tilt during many events since you aren't actually playing during those moments.... or times like when you get to choose a Man-E mode, etc. Lots to think about... as you never know when someone does a drunken shake of the machine during silly times, etc.

You also have to think about ball recovery options as well.


This table is only single player right now... but god help me if I try to implement multiplayer.

It would be very cool as each player can be a different faction and character, etc....

...but... not only would I have to keep track of every players mode completion progress, but I would also have to keep track of every players progress to make the mode "ready", as well. That's 16 modes, and then the "ready" progress for each. Then there's the rest of the playfield shots that have their own settings and progress as well. (which includes setting the correct colour and blink state, etc)

This table doesn't reset "any" progress as you play. So your next ball continues where you left off. (it does reset the mode progress if you fail though). So that would be a monster task to figure out.

It would require recoding much of the game in respect to no longer using light states for logic (right now, if you clear a mode, the light state is on, etc).

I would also have to track what each player "collects" as well for modes completed, figures, vehicles, playsets. I also would have to change the playfield / visuals for each player's new ball, etc. Yah... this is a BIG game.

I REALLY want to do that, but that may be a bonus to try to tackle when I'm basically "done" (enough).

Biggest table?

Dang... this table is 450 MB so far, lol (and I'll still need to finish the VR room). This may well be the biggest standalone table file size ever when its done.... for both VP and FP.

That's not including a pup-pack.
Honestly, I thought you might be adding too many modes but it looks cool. I hope I can figure out how to play it.
but something as simple a TILT can be a huge endeavor to implement correctly
I've already racked my brains with Tilt Warning. Finally I did it just to deactivate it.

an example for multiball ...

Sub FuturePinball_TiltWarnings(ByVal Warnings)
    If (bMultiBallMode = True) Then
    FpTilted = False
    exit sub
    End If
    PlaySound "Warning"
End Sub

(new Man-E Mode)


I've just completed creating the 8th Man-E Mode, making a total of 16 modes now for MOTU CE!

In this mode, Skeletor has transported Castle Grayskull to another dimension! You need to defeat him and return it to Eternia. Only one problem, He-Man's strength isn't the same as it is in Eternia!

Skeletor will randomly fire his stun ray from his havoc staff at He-Man. This will freeze your ball instantly in it's spot for 2 seconds, then it will be released. This can be tricky as you never know where your ball will get stunned and dropped! It could be stunned over a desired flipper, or stunned over the drain and when released could be straight down the middle. This is where an Orko Shot can be very helpful!

After a couple of shots the Sorceress offers her help. She will use her powers to stop Skeletor from firing. Now He-Man must ask for the Castle's secret powers to help him lift Castle Grayskull, then throw it back through the White Hole, and back to Eternia!

Skeletor will break free. You must try to stop him, but he'll get away, again!


This may "possibly" be the last Man-E Mode (never say never, as I still have ideas). This was actually the first idea I had for a new mode when I started making this game. Diamond Ray Dilemma was the second. Yet they were both the last ones to be made :)

If I can stop myself from adding more modes, I can focus on the remaining features and the boring stuff to round out the entire game.

Getting closer.

View attachment motu ce - sis_2k.mp4

Never was a he man fan but this is spectacular, I cant wait to try it, but waiting for the Silent Hill Table even more.
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