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maybe he's incapacitated....AJ


Pinball Wizard
in the hospital, or very sick, or was in a car accident or something,
and can't talk or move, much less screw with the net....

ever think of that? :headscratch:


sXe And Better Than You
Sure I've thought of it. Also thought he might be in jail for something. Everything's possible, I just don't hope it's the truth.

The McD


Pinball Wizard
Site Supporters
Somebody's been updating the registration for VPF, though that could be a holding company unrelated to AJ.
I am concerned given what we know about the house.


Aj sounds like Jimmy Hoffa! There one minute and gone the next. I'm surprised (not really shocked, though, given what I know about web sites and their noteriety of failing) that no one can contact him, either thru a phone number or a personal email or IM. oh well, Que Sera Sera!


Pinball Player
The thought had occured to me, but I am not jumping to any conclusions just yet. It might just be a temporary setback due to the credit crunch.
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