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VP8 Williams SS Recreation Medieval Madness (Jamin1-01)

Solid State Machines


Pinball Nudger
I've uploaded (with some help from tiltjlp :) ) my version of Medieval Madness to Pinball Nirvana's Downloads section. Just wanted to let all you Medievalmadnessaholics (wow what a word) get some play on while you wait for Pinball Ken's release and while you tap your veins waiting for Pacdude's table to be released also. Hope you enjoy.


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Pinball Nudger
Wow! Where did this come from? This looks REALLY good. Can't wait to give it a spin.

This is unbelievable...almost four years without a new version of MM, and suddenly PK works on it (excellently, I might add), PacDude starts a new one, and now this?


Pinball Wizard
Nice job with this one Jamin. IIRC the Merlin Magic mystery award was angled a bit more to the left though because i have had a really tough time hitting it on earlier versions.


Pinball Nudger
I've given this one a thorough playthrough, and I must say that I am extremely impressed. The castle looks better than any version I've seen so far, and the playfield looks very sharp. The lights are also very well done.

That said, I've had a few issues. First, the damsel ramp seems to have some problems. When the ball hits it at certain angles, it sometimes falls off the ramp even when the stepladder isn't activated, which is strange. Also, shots that don't quite make it up the peasant ramp seem to always drain SDTM. On the real machine, both ramps have little diverters that send the ball safely to a flipper. The only real drain risk shots on the real machine are the catapult shot and the center castle shot (and even that is much more safe than the saucer shot in AFM.) I've also had the table lock up when a ball got stuck in the castle lock with the drawbridge down. I'm not sure if the status of the bridge affected it, or if it is just an isolated incident, but it did happen once in the middle of a very good game, which was frustrating.

However, I haven't lost any balls in the moat (although some shots that fall in take an alarmingly long time to be kicked back into play.) I've noticed that during multiballs, there seems to be an unusual delay for the auto-plunger to fire. I'm not sure if this is a table scripting issue or a VPM bug, but I suspect the former because I've not encountered this problem on any other version of MM.

Also, I'm not sure what to think about the table slope and flipper settings. 10 seems quite a bit steep, so I lowered it to 7.5 and changed the flipper settings to match up with PD's, as I prefer them generally over PK's or the shallow angles your tables default to. I noticed in the X-Files release thread that you have constants for the flipper speed, so I changed them both to 0.135 (my preferred speed). However, there's something odd about the flipper action still. They don't seem to behave like they do on every other table on which I've used these settings. For instance, even with a lower slope, it's almost impossible to catch anything but the slowest balls, which makes it tough to aim precisely at times since most shots must be made with the ball moving moderately quickly. Is there anything in the script that might be preventing the behavior from being like other tables?

Don't get the idea that I don't like this table. It has the potential to be far and away the best MM version out there, at least until PD finishes his version (if he actually does.) I just thought I'd mention the issues I've had as I have plenty of experience with the real machine and have been beta testing PK's upcoming (excellent) version recently as well.

Thanks for making this table. Great work...


Pinball Nudger
What are the settings (specifically) that you changed, and to what values? (I'm not a VP expert) I kinda noticed some of the same issues..

Great job though! beautiful table.
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