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Millionaire (Williams, 1987) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Millionaire 1.02 Released by JPSalas v5.02 JP 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard

Not very much to say about this table. Let's see:

It uses fading lights, led's display instead of the vpm and a working roulette (even in multiball mode).

It also has some new EM sounds, more metallic. I think they fit well to this table even if they are a little different than the standard EM sounds. They sound more like coins in a box.

The table is unlocked and angle free, so tweaked as much as you like.

Just now I think it plays quite easy, the shots are easy to make, but be carefull with the plunger, you can shoot directly to the left outlane. Also be carefull when hiting the upper left droptargets, the ball can go back directly to the right outlane.

A complete set of rules are included in the table info, and a reduced one by pressing the 'r' key.

It was very fun to build this table. Thanks to Clyde for sending me the manual and to all who sent me pictures, bugs reports, and to Destruk for his tips about the roulette.



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Pinball Wizard
A little bug: target sw17 should have a height of 105/55 not 55/0. I have updated and uploaded the table, but I keep the same version number 1.02. This target is close to the bumpers, the upper one in the "bank" targets.



appropriate at this time
That's what I love, tables tweaked as much as I like!

It does look super jp'.

Thank you for it.

I think any version change should be numbered. It's not important, I know, but I think it's could avoid confusion later.


appropriate at this time
For some reason I can not download it with firefox, I had to use IE.

Now that I have played it, I gotta say it is indeed super fine work.
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