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I have an issue with the center target on my Miss O machine, The center target is relatively simple circuit which makes this more frustrating. What is happening: when the center target light is lit and you hit the target, the pool ball lights do not advance. When the center target is hit, it looks like there is a short at the target switch (a big spark), in fact if any of the ABCD lights on lit, they go out. I do get the 10 points for hitting the relay, the change relay switch is closed at this time and the target relay did not energize. If I put a piece of cardboard between the change relay switch (between the Grey-R and Grey-G switch), I don't get a short (ABCD lights stay on), but the target relay still does not energize, hence the pool ball does not advance, however I still get the 10 points. I think, somehow the 3/5 ball adj. comes into play, when I disconnect it, (leave it out), then hitting the center target will: no short, energize the target relay and advance the pool ball. To be clear the center light is not lit at this time, however the light on the left eject hole is lit. Any thoughts?
I tracked that Gray-G wire to the jones plug in the back cabinet and guess what, I found a washer stuck in the back of the plug (I wondered where that went?). Took the washer out, and checked to make sure I wasn't getting continuity on that wire. Soldered all the wires back and everything seems to play as it should. Again thanks for your help.
Congrats on your repair
My guess would be that it was the jones plug under the step units.
Check if the washer slips over any of the step unit black pivot posts.
Pinball database has a inside backbox pic if needed for comparison or post pics of units yourself.
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