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Pinball Nudger
can you ajust the volume levels of the emu sounds and the mechanical samples relative to each other?

the samples are too loud, no real table has flippers that sound like a hammer hitting the table.

they really need to be reduced by about a third.


appropriate at this time
That's a loaded question.

Yes. in VPM (emu) you can. You do this by using the volume control in the rom.

Yes. in VP tables you can. You do this by importing the sounds at the volume that is correct relative to each other.

The answer I think you are looking for is to adjust your system volume to make the mech. sounds right then increase the rom sounds (usually the 8 and 9 keys I think) till they are correct.

Also, you can adjust the volume in the VP editor menu. You might just need to lower that.

Some pre DMD games use the tilde key (~) for sound volume (MAME) and these are sometimes on several channels and can be set individually.

Samples can often be left off. (when the sounds are also imported in the editor)
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