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More changes at TMOF


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JPH has rolled out our new Links System, which provides each section of links with its own page, with more complete information about each link. We now have 236 links in 7 sections, including a new Humor group. But best of all it that you can now suggest a link to us, pending review.

Also, I've added a short History Of Magic Bingo article, with 9 flyer shots, courtesy of Bingo expert Wally, to our History Section. I have also expaned the History article about the Chester Pollard Baseball Pool Table game from the 1930s. The additional material, thanks to wrtier Susan Ford, fleshes out the Pollard famiy story. That story, which begins in Austraila, involves the mafia in New York, and moves finally to Seatlle, makes for interesting reading.

As TMOF begins it's 4th month of existence, both Jon and I would like to thank all our authors, and each of our visitors, for helping us showcase this important and historic part of our Pinball heritage.



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All I can say is WOW - this is MUST READING. Go read it now - it's truly amazing half of this history stuff! It's so IMPORTANT that we can get more of this information wherever it may lie and for those folks that contribute to these "history" areas, THANK YOU! I appreciate it and I LOVE reading this stuff. Who knew about all of these things that happened except for those few folks that KNOW and are willing to share some GREAT reading.

Thank you John and Susan Ford and Wally for the fun reading. VERY interesting stuff - thank you for sharing!

Will / druadic


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The rest of the story

Susan Ford found TMOF while researching a book on the Pollard family, and the images on our site, which were found originally by Druadic, filled in some missing pieces to her puzzle. In return, she allowed us to offer a more rounded picture of the Pollards ourselves.

With cooperation such as this, possibly more and more of pinball's glorious history can be presented. I feel that knowing a bit of the story behind the tables and games we play make them just that more enjoyable. Before long, I should be able to present an illustrated histoery of the role Sears played in the home sale Bagatelle industry for nearly 60 years. This is what brings pinball back to life for me.



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Yeah that is a neat history lesson and I can't get enough of them :D

Her book sounds very interesting and has all the ingredients for a great story. Amusement devices, Australia, The Mob in NYC.....Great Stuff!