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I have added nearly two dozen more demos and other support files at Pinball Nivana. Among the additions are all five templates and other demos by Bendigo, Eala’s fadelighting demo, Chri’s templates, nicolas.b’s ball effects, and even a Visual Basic beginner’s guide in pdf format. The last one is not specifically for Visual Pinball, but should prove to be useful for folks new to VB coding.

While there are too many additions to post SS of each, you can check out all of our new and existing demos in the PN Tutorial And Support Files dowmload section. Several items are marked Author Unknown, since the author didn’t provide any identification. Most if not all of these files should also be available at shivaSite and VP Originals. Maybe we can help spread the download drain on shivaSite.

As far as I know, all of these templates and demos I have added we either have permission to host the author’s work, or they are allowed to be hosted without restrictions. If you notice that we are hosting your work and would perfer that we didn’t let me know and we’ll remove the file. And as I’ve said before, all authors are welcome to upload their templates and demos to Pinball Nirvana.
Thanks for putting up all these resources here, John
The target demo (unknown author) is one I put together, prompted by a request from Grimsoul at Shiva's updated, new banner, working links
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