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More soundtracks available


pinball music recreator
I've noticed the early popularity of the soundtrack files and since I haven't heard any feedback I can only assume that they are being enjoyed. However I have the next 3 picked out but don't know what to pick after that so if anyone wants to make a request let me know


Pinball Wizard
computerfrk1 said:
... and since I haven't heard any feedback ...

I just wonder since your first post about it what is meant by 'soundtrack' and for what it's good for.

As far as I know that word is used for the complete music of a movie. Is it the sounds/music of the pinball table in 'promotion' mode?

I probably would find out on my own if I dl.

Sorry for dumb demand.


pinball music recreator
RE: Re: More soundtracks available

the dumbest questions is one that has never been asked But I encourage you to dl one and see what you think
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