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Munsters Themed Table


Rockin' And Rollin'
On the old forum(VPForums) there was a new table in the works with a Munsters theme. Did that bite the dust, or is it still in the works?


Pinball Nudger
Faralos is working on that table you have to talk to him. Right now he's working on the zizzle pinball tables Pirates of the caribean and marvel heros. When he's done with those he might finish The Munsters. Dave P.


The Munster table is now on hold...

here is the link for the zizzle potc table I had posted it elsewhere but I don't think it's too visible. IT IS NOT finished yet! it still needs a 'beat this score get free game' coding in it. That is still beyond me but it IS playable for testing! In fact I nedd a few playtesters for it anyhow
like I said everything else is done (as far as I can get it anyhow) certain things are lumpedtogether (the three green lights all come on at once; I haven't figured out what else to do with them yet) and the chest drop target does not work, but everything else is finished!
As for the Munster table, I also have that one as a WIP, butall I have done so far is the basic table layout and a few sounds.
here is a pic of that one too! just to keep your interest! I had put that one on hold to finish the potc zizzle copy, now that I'm as far as I can get for right now(I'm waiting for Wizards Hat to finish hosting a pin tourney at his home to help me with the last bit of coding for it), I'll go back to the Munster one! i am also working on a D&D based castle table and the Marvel zizzle! Do you code? do you want to help with it? I can email it to ya' if'n ya' want it, but if not expect it no sooner than about 2-3 weeks!
As you can see, it's nothing too fancy, (Actually it was my second table I started) the first being the castle one (also on hold it's real complicated alot of different events, but it (the munster table)DOES have 5 ramps on it, and a top table thing, the stairs ARE a jump ramp hit it hard enuf it'll go into the wire ramp behind it, too soft it just falls down the back side ( I LOVE ramps!!)


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