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My all-time favorite tables


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An old thread but might as well say something.

I play 95% of what I make and yes, I HAVE played other authors tables too. Starman, Warrior, Kinsey, Themer even Duglis' work and a few others have captivated me over the years but they are mostly gone now. Very sad.

What I don't play are mostly flippered tables. Never cared for them but I HAVE played them in the past since I grew up in the 70's. I grew up with Xenon, Fireball, Space Invaders, Gorgar, Haunted House and Medusa. Even Firepower and Firepower II, Fire, Superman, Agents 777 and quite a few more. I frequent the Chicago Coin-Op / Pinball Expo frequently and enjoy meeting others that enjoy VP. (Plumb and Mr. Fixx, if you're seeing this, PLEASE contact me. Been too long since we've been out of the loop)!

I also will not play ANY pin machine that is not at LEAST 75% realistic. To me this is a SAD state of affairs to see folks literally destroy the original game from the past by adding em reels, lights and other garbage that should not be on a pin machine. Quite a few come to mind such as a Ballyhoo machine with an em reel and a flashing light - WHEN did this happen back in 1932? It didn't. PLEASE don't destroy what the original pinball makers shared to the world. This is just flat out disrespectful and when I see such things being added to a 1932 machine it makes me feel awful. I'm sure Ray Maloney would be rolling in his grave if he saw such things.

I cannot rush a table out if it doesn't play properly. I just can't do it; I even send emails and messages to people who actually OWN these machines before I even start on a table so folks can be assured what I release is as near to the original game as possible. I not only find images, I also ASK for them. I ask for sounds, information on a table and much more. I traverse CERTAIN sites and ask for what I can. I go all out to bring you the best I can possibly create. People always ask me why I take so long with releases, well this is one reason. I have no idea how many other authors so this, but I DO.


Anyway, there are some awesome authors out there who have been around since the beginning. More power to those long standing authors and I hope to see many more tables soon!
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Isaac Sauvage

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Ou trouver Monopoly pour Future Pinball svp ?
Late reply, but I don't see it anywhere for FP.
Did you read or hear that Monopoly was made for FP?

Btw, while looking for Monopoly, I accidentally stumbled on a VPX version of... Tintin! :-D


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