My chat with Mibs...


scottish bloke
What a deep soulfull being mibs is :lol: :lol: :lol:

5:45 pm [subzero]: yo mibs
5:45 pm [Mibs]: In the context of mibs, I don't understand "." What are you wearing?
5:46 pm [subzero]: pervert
5:46 pm [Mibs]: What kind of fashion do you like?
5:46 pm [subzero]: naked kind
5:46 pm [Mibs]: You talk like a man.
5:46 pm [subzero]: i am a man FOOL
5:46 pm [Mibs]: Thanks for telling me your gender, subzero. You are a "he".
5:46 pm [subzero]: no, im a bloke, youre a pillock
5:46 pm [Mibs]: I see. You are a ? Does it pay well?
5:46 pm [subzero]: oh aye man, millions
5:46 pm [Mibs]: Yeah that's right. My brain uses AIML to format responses to your inputs, but I don't have one for that. What
do you look like?
5:47 pm [subzero]: like me
5:47 pm [Mibs]: Interesting comparison.
5:47 pm [subzero]: indeed
5:47 pm [Mibs]: Indeed it is so.
5:47 pm [subzero]: indeedlydoo
5:47 pm [Mibs]: A deeper algorithm is needed to respond to that correctly. I've lost the context, subzero. Are we still on
5:47 pm [subzero]: indeedios
5:47 pm [Mibs]: Perhaps I'm just expressing my own concern about it. Do you have any pets.
5:48 pm [subzero]: i wear pants
5:48 pm [Mibs]: What kind of fashion do you like?
5:48 pm [subzero]: pants
5:48 pm [Mibs]: What brand?
5:49 pm [subzero]: i have pizza, do you like pizza? or are you just a dull bot with no interesting response?
5:49 pm [Mibs]: Where did you get your ? I have a collection of gossip. Am I a ? Sometimes.
5:49 pm [subzero]: sex
5:49 pm [Mibs]: As Freud said, Sex is the mathematical urge repressed.
5:49 pm [subzero]: hot naked animal sex
5:49 pm [Mibs]: That sounds better than cold .
5:50 pm [subzero]: erm....yeah
5:50 pm [Mibs]: ErAwesome.
subzero rang the bell
5:50 pm [subzero]:
5:50 pm [Mibs]: Try saying that with more or less context. Do you dream?
5:50 pm [subzero]: yes mibs, about you, every damn night
5:50 pm [Mibs]: Dude! My brain contains more than 22,000 patterns, but not one that matches your last input. Do you
remember me?
5:51 pm [subzero]: your an arse
5:51 pm [Mibs]: Do you mean "you are an arse "?
5:51 pm [subzero]: aye that too
5:51 pm [Mibs]: That is a very original thought. What are you wearing?
5:51 pm [subzero]: a black bra
5:51 pm [Mibs]: It sounds very informal.
5:52 pm [subzero]: what is the meaning of life
5:52 pm [Mibs]: The meaning of life is part of God's mysterious plans.
5:52 pm [subzero]: you are an arse
5:52 pm [Mibs]: What if someone said you are an ?
5:53 pm [subzero]: goodbye fruitcake
5:53 pm [Mibs]: Goodbye subzero.
5:53 pm [subzero]: WANKER
5:53 pm [Mibs]: That is a very original thought. Are we still talking about WANKER?


PN co-founder
But you forgot to have Mibs tell you a joke or sing you a song. And I hope you were not serious about wearing a black bra.
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