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My ELP styled hit,They're Watching Us From Beyond


Pinball Wizard
one of a dozen songs i perform 'Live'

if your ever going to listen to one of my songs, this might be the one.
you may think it's trash, i don't care, i like it and that's all that matters.

June 7 will be the second anniversary of my mother's passing (the most inspirational person in my life)
about a year before she died i was very frustrated and bewildered about my life as i've never been
married and of course no family of my own, (i did live with a couple of different girls, but thats
another story) i just lived this life somewhere between artist and regular guy ( i call it the Zone of
the Inbetweens) so i asked my mother one day why can't i just lay this music thing down and live a
regular life. she looked at me with one of those mom beam looks (u know what i mean!) and said
"you know you would never be happy with a life like that, your an artist, stop fighting it, it's a gift
from god, so go with the flow!! so i did and do! ---- it's not about money or fame, even if no one
on the planet ever hears me i will continue to be an artist until i die. (it's not always serious tho
as i do enjoy having a bit of fun with it!)

(my regular sensible reality guy says "i would be extremely daunted and satisfied if i could make a
small, small, living from it though, as in cd sales and small opening act tours!")

thanks for listening....................

This song ©2005 Timothy Moffett, form PA, Library of Congress, USA

download it here - http://timofff.tripod.com/cd.html


Pinball Wizard
so the boys from the XMG music conference 2005
email me that thet want me to play.
it's a showcase of local artists for the
major and minor labels. so i called and
the first thing out of my mouth was "what's
the fees?" cause i knew there was a catch
(there's always a catch) the lovely lady on
the other end of the phone said she wanted to call me back because
she was on another line registering another band,
i said "there's no need to call me back just tell me what the fees
are and that will determine it" she said "$299.99" i said
"goodbye" !!

there's always someone out there trying
to take advantage of artists, but i've been
doing this awhile and pretty much have seen just about every scheme :twisted:


PN co-founder
I understand what you mean, tii. I've been a writer all my life, and while I've had a lot of dead end jobs to pay the bills, though it all I was always a writer. I've been lucky enough to sell a good bit of what I've written, but you don't get rich seeling short stories and articles. Now I write waht I want when I want to, and don't sweat it at all. I've downloaded some of your music, and I've liked more of it than I didn't, so at least for me, you're cool. A bit weird like all of us but cool. Your mother sounds like she was cool too.



Pinball Wizard
thanks John! that's very nice of you!

it's nice to hear from an artist that understands what another artist is
going thru 8)