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Tutorial My Free Futurepinball PDF Guides that i created


Pinball Wizard
Shiva here is the link to my pdf guides related to FP.........

1st book is about: The table basic center line info - Basic info about Surface - Basic info about Lights - Basic info about progress event -
Basic info about diverter - Basic info about gaz display segment:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B60m6W-FuLPHZXAyZGxRRmRXNm8/view?usp=sharing (futurepinball_sfavron_ebook_1st_edition.pdf)

2nd book about: Basic about droptargets - Basic about Kickers - Basic about table view - Basic about light animations
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B60m6W-FuLPHcFlkNmxUWWxmZUE/view?usp=sharing (futurepinball_sfavron_ebook_1st_edition_vol2.pdf)

3rd book is mostly about: DMD and the soft Gfx2DmdF (Graffix To Dmd Font)
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B60m6W-FuLPHZ0VRWHFLTThTUFk/view?usp=sharing (futurepinball_sfavron_ebook_1st_edition_vol3.pdf)

4th book talk about basic in: Softimage XSI Mod Tool v6.01 - Blender v2.68 - FpmEditor
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B60m6W-FuLPHdnRqRGU4MnVmY0k/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-mliq4vz9Xr-Re3udNw40rg (futurepinball_sfavron_ebook_1st_edition_vol4.pdf)

5th book is the continuity of book 4th
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B60m6W-FuLPHc0diOFpfaGlQYnM/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-8f2jGO3pFjov_Ba3nnw74w (sfavron_futurepinball_ebook_vol5.pdf)

6th book is about: using the soft Milkshape3d to create 3D models for FP:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B60m6W-FuLPHOUlLYXFVMGRlX1k/view?usp=sharing (futurepinball_sfavron_ebook_vol6.pdf)

7th book is about using the soft MameWah, to create a theme list menu for FP:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ewY7stZtLzJBMn_iJ-Z3ngVhvDOZMGfu (free_futurepinball_mamewah_free_sfavron_guide.pdf)

Also here is a mini pdf guide about: how controlling the ball to test your fp game:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ScBsXGoyJeBSBibFpVsdZxRjtFrCwLYV/view?usp=sharing (sfavron_controll_ball.pdf)

Here is a free pdf guide of 22 pages about how to create a transparent bmp texture with Adobe Photoshop CS2 for FP.
The same guide explain fiew things as having some BAM files and doing fiew settings.
Also it explain how to create easy your own FP ball texture for BAM software at:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g4Omov6kN6FD_GBJW3vuFfth_8ElW2oD/view?usp=sharing (create_ball_texture_bam.pdf)

If peoples wander where to get Softimage XSI Mod Tool v6.01, you can find it at:
https://www.moddb.com/downloads/xsi-mod-tool-601 (XSI Mod Tool 6.01 file)

For the software Milkshape3d you can find it at:
http://www.milkshape3d.com/ (chUmbaLum sOft)

I know that you can do Milkshape3d files with the software BforArtists.de version 1.0.0, this with the Milkshape3d addon from Pinsimdb.org

If you want to know fiew things to do about the 3d modeling software BforArtists, i have created some time ago a free pdf guide about version 2.0.0 at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17ANvDZvigt1y_UpNUBHhKyY2pZLu8HMr (bforartists_sfavron.pdf)
But please take note that the Milkshape3d addon previously mentionned is not compatible with BforArtists version 2, only for BforArtists 1.0.0 that is based on Blender v2.79b. They have a free pdf guide of more then 1000 pages for version 1.0.0. The thank's goes to BFA from BforArtists, that have givin me a press kit of images about BforArtists, with it i could create some background image look for the pages of the guide. Maybe some peoples could create a Milkshape3d addon for the recent software BforArtists?

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Pinball Wizard
Thank's for pinned Shiva into End Guides. I'm certain that it will help many peoples. I'm glad to take some of my living time to help peoples for the good of peoples. But i'm gonna be modest, if it was not from the many help of peoples that had teach my self many things into FP; i could not give good explications. Also the thank's goes to Christopher from FP, to Mete Ciragan from Milkshape3d, from Sebek that created Gfx2DmdF, from the peoples at Pinsimdb and many others; that have givin me the authorizations and permissions that i can do printscreens for the many free none official pdf guides i have created


Pinball Wizard
There is no problem, i'm always glad to help when i can and have time. I help not only with my free Futurepinball pdf guides. I have created other free pdf guides, some for company's as some none official guides. There is a guide i have made long time ago about an old version of a 3D software called BforArtists https://www.bforartists.de/forums/topic/bforartists-2-version-2-0-0-free-none-official-pdf-guide/ that is based on Blender 3D modeling software. The version 1 of BforArtists with some Milkshape3d addon on Pinsimdb can make create 3d model for FP. I have created a free pdf guides about creating your own pdf guides with OpenOffice, for Muses.org, for MameWah, for Milkshape3d, etc. Long time ago i even have helped Rav by creating the BAM logo for him.

Also there is some company's that i have created for them some none official free pdf guide, about there software to create webpages; of course with there acceptances and permissions. For Nicepage.com : https://nicepage.com/questions/197519/look-at-my-free-none-official-nicepage-pdf-guide , i have from them as they mention the "green light". This is one company beside other company's that have there software to create webpages. Long time ago there was also TemplateToaster: https://templatetoaster.com/forum/6422/free-tt-mini-pdf-guide as they mention on the forum it is "highly appreciated". There are others also @VPGamer75 that i helped.

Some peoples ask me why also write free pdf guides about softwares that create webpages? Simply because i think of peoples wanting to promote there talents with some webpages, even some peoples that want to simply do some basic pages for there services. Simply because i think that peoples have talents, and if it help them have better good ways of life; i'm glad for each of them.

I dont know when i'll die of something it could be of age, an accident or what so ever. I just take my living time for the goodness of peoples, wanting good things for the peoples. Life has been hard for me, it is still hard for me. I still continue to do good things for the peoples. Maybe the things i have done for the peoples, as volunteer for health organism as cancer, multiple sclerosis and others; for there funding events. Have made peoples have better lives. Maybe my free pdf guides have changed and helped peoples have better lifes. I dont know? But i still want good things for the peoples. đź‘Ť