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My girl with two Daytonas


Pinball Wizard
The watches are not mine but they're both 100% genuine... they belong to a fellow watch collector. The "Paul Newman" Rolex Daytona is worth $35K. The other one is a modern Daytona and it has a list price of $7K....but it has many years' waiting list....and can be sold for around $10K.

I'm just a average guy and can only dream of pieces like this.

However I put my g/f to pose with them last summer....just found them from my hard drive and wanted to share. I know... Bob wants to see some boob shots... maybe I'll post that stuff one of these days.... ;)






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The fundamental things apply as time goes by.....

Only cost you $100 a day over one year and you could own that watch kristian. ;)

Actually my brother has a rather neat watch, I think it maybe a casio, maybe not a collectors watch, dunno, cost a bit a few years ago. The neat thing with it, is it never runs down, besides being automatic, it also has solar and if your not wearing it, moving it, it stops the hands ticking, when you pick it up, the hands whizz around to the current time. Have to see if I can get more details and a shot of it next time his around my way, looks pretty smooth.


Pinball Wizard
Naah....Rolex isn't my cup of tea (although I own a vintage GMT Master)....it's a brand for
art noveau rich.....kinda "Redneck" luxury brand....same people who buy tasteless
Corvettes and Porsches and want to impress others....

The vintage sports Rolex line is desirable....but I wholeheartedly despise all
gold & diamond models......if I had some extra cash I'd buy either one
of these (pics taken by a friend). Ebel Tarawa or Omega Speedmaster "Broad Arrow".

Pure class and understated elegance. They're not THAT expensive either... in $5000 range or so...




Pinball Wizard
Just to refresh this old thread....sold my Rolex GMT Master
last week....for profit....and bought myself another watch
yesterday.....this was a bargain....Ebel 1911 Chronograph....very nice.

I'm sure nobody gives two shits here....but I kinda like seeing
these new pictures.....:D




Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
hmm, i have to say it's hard for me to be impressed by these 'modern hightech' watches. they all look the same to me- like aviator/deepsea diver watches sold thru fancy catalogs whose wearers never intend to use the functions on the dials. maybe another way to say it would be "pretentious".

if i'm going to be pretentious (which i am at times) i wear a pocket watch, which is obviously more of a burden than a modern watch. but at least it has the charm of history, plus the one i use is an heirloom from my family. some examples:





Pinball Wizard
nicolas.b said:
hmm, i have to say it's hard for me to be impressed by these 'modern hightech' watches. they all look the same to me- like aviator/deepsea diver watches sold thru fancy catalogs whose wearers never intend to use the functions on the dials. maybe another way to say it would be "pretentious".

That's quite correct. Very few people ever have any use for the chronograph function for example......
or take their Omega Planet Oceans any deeper than a swimming pool......but those watches are
interesting from the horological point of view......and people like their looks....they're luxury items.

Pretentious....? Yeah maybe....for some people...but for real collectors and watch fans it's just
a hobby like any other. If you want to "impress" someone....there are much more
effective ways to do it.....nobody rarely notices what watch you're wearing....it's mostly just for
personal pleasure.

It's the same thing with cars....from a functional standpoint I'm sure nobody would need a Ferrari....
or even BMW, Mercedes or Audi........but people are willing to pay for the brand...the history....
the luxury....it has little to do with common sense.

World would survive without luxury items for sure.....but it would survive even better without
humans. Sometimes common sense is just boring....life can't be that serious.

PS: About those pocket watches....they have their own collectors.....and lots of them are
beautiful and have rich histories. Here's my grandfather's (he passed away a few years ago)
wristwatch....bought in WW2 from a Russian officer. I sent pics of this watch for the factory....
which still exists.....the co-owner named Jean Pierre Dus was all over it....and said it's extremely
rare model....and they completely restored it......for free....they just wanted to take pics of
this piece for their museum.....My grandfather bought this one in WW2 from a Russian officer. It's
an old automatic Swiss watch "Montreux Choisi"....they only make pocket watches these days.
It's very valuable to me.....and the value isn't measured in money.



Pinball Wizard
I just love the pic of the first ebel - very posh :) could just about see me wearing one of these ...... now whom can I mug today? LOL

Seriously, I'd be terrified to go out wearing an expensive timepiece on the grounds that someone may wish to avail me of it! :(

Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
yea i take your point, kristian, well said.

your explanation reminds me i have more or less an anti-luxury
bias. i'm a fan of the opposite sentiment, which would be bargain
items which do the job as well as the high-end models do. or
better yet, building an item out of spare parts you found scattered
around. i love that "inventive professor fix-it" mindset and my family
has a side history of inventing things, altho usually we are beaten to
the patent first or our ideas simply aren't very practical. XD

a recent example i can share is the keyboard in which you can
customise the layout for. i made a demo in VP for this idea altho
i don't think anybody paid any attention to it, hehe.

anyway, beaten to the punch by optimus. :(


Pinball Wizard


Pinball Wizard
Oh, it gets better! :) I am a suit, or at least I was (currently semi-retired so my wardrobe only extends to flip-flops, shorts and golf tops)! LOL. Nice website too; typical of me to fancy the gold one - I must bookmark under items I cannot afford ..... yet! :) Must go, have to do lotto ...
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