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My next project


PN co-founder
Next up, solo or with Nissananimal, will be Northwestern's Poosh M Up Rodeo. This is the first home sale unit that I ever got, back in the prehistoric 50s, and is why I have a passion for these wonderful and simple games.

And while they were simple, as far as how you played them, they were and are interesting, in that they have for games, or scoring systems. You could, and I did, play all four each game, Bagatelle, or total points, Baseball, figuring hits, runs, and outs, Put and Take, which honed your adding and subtracting skills, and Pennants, or colors.

I'm hoping to use all four scoring methods, but will not add any other sort of enhancements, since I want this to be just as I remember it. Huge thanks go to Pincode, whose graphics help in restoring the playfield image brought this back to near original condition. Without her kind and wonderful efforts, Rodeo would not see the light of day.

Attached is an early SS, so early that my toolkit objects are still there, and there is no back ground, which should be obvious. If Eric isn't available to help me with Rodeo, I'll most probably need help from on high with the scripting, and maybe with setting up the quad scoring.



Pinball Player
Looking like a hoot, YEE HAW,

But seriously, if you can figure it out you can modify the scoring sequence for Anthias' and Rockinghorse's tables ie Mine and His, His and Mine, ours, etc. etc. etc. If you need it I can send you the code and the "Text Box" names.




PN co-founder
Yean, they were loads of fun

In all I think I had four Northwestern bagatelle when I was a boy, but Rodeo is the only one I can remember the name of. They wer pretty well made, and seemed heavy, at least for a young boy. They came with an adjustable metal, fold out stand, which could be set at two or three angles. I don't remember it they all have stands, or if that was a deluxe, optional feature.

As for the scoring code, I'll keep your offer in mind, and might send the table to you to impliment the quad system. Anything beyond the most basic coding is way beyond me.

Thanks for the nice comments and the offer.