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Name of Bally game done by Lio?


Pinball Player
What I can remember is it is a late 80s or early 90s table with 2 or 3 ramps and some kind of skateboard theme or something like that (Table done by Lio)...can anyone remember the name and where I could possibly d/l it? Thanks! :) EDIT - Sorry it's Radical and does anyone have Truck Stop they can also upload....again thanks for your patience! :)


Pinball Wizard
I have Radical! 1.0 (Lio, Destruk, TAB) and Truck Stop 1.6 (TAB, Destruk, Gaston) here. Upload? I can post an e-mail and attach the tables if you pm me your e-mail-address.


Inserted Coin
Can't figure out how to PM here! How do I do it? :)
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