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Need a special ball image


PN co-founder
Would someone be able to create a ball image for me from the attached antique US penny? I need it for my current project, a nifty Trade Stimulator from the 1940s. Thanks in advance. Send the end result to zifbob1@juno.com. You will receive credit when I release the table.

John :oldman


  • old_penny.jpg
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PN co-founder
Need a bit more coding help with the same game. I have three kickers which I want to have a ball created and kicked from at random. Is there a way to do that. Here is the code segment.

If keycode = 25 Then
DropKicker1.CreateBall:DropKicker1.Kick 180,1
DropKicker2.CreateBall:DropKicker2.Kick 180,1
DropKicker3.CreateBall:DropKicker3.Kick 180,1
End If

Thanks . . . John :oldman


Pinball Nudger
You could enable the kickers timer to tick let's say once a second and in the timer routine you kick a ball out at random:

sub kicker1_timer
  kicker1.timerinterval = 1000
  if rnd < 0.25 then
    kicker1.kick 180,1 
  end if
end sub

The rnd function generates evenly distributed random values between 0 and 1. Testing against 0.25 means, the probability that a new ball is created is about 25% on each timer tick. You can experiment with the values on the attached table.


  • randomkicker_table.zip
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PN co-founder
Thanks TomB, I would nver have figured out that I needed a timer to make this work. The example table is really appreciated, since it will help me understand the inner working of the whole thing.



PN co-founder
Well TomB, I tried your code, and I'm probably doing something wrong, since a ball is kicked out of each of the three kickers. And I just realized I left out some important information. My table is a one ball Trade Stimulator. Sorry, but could you adapt your code for me. What I need is for the one and only ball to drop straight down from one of three kickers placed across the top of the table.

I'm using a single key press to launch the ball, and wonder if it is possible to check for a possible ball in another kicker at the bottom of the table, from the previous game, and if it's present, destroy it before creating and launching a new ball. If the ball doesn't land in a specific kicker, but in one of several other kickers, it is destroyed to end the game. Only a winning ball remains in the bottom kicker. losing balls are destroyed. Sorry for the confusion. And no, it will not work using one kicker and having the ball kicked out in random directions.

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