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Help Need help looking for RandR's Fire!


Pinball Master
All good things come to an end. He shared a youtube video a few weeks prior to taking the site down, and he talked about having had no interest in playing his vpin in a long time. People burn out. It happens.

It wasn't just his VPin he hadn't played... but all his real pins as well (he had a great collection), and also his older BarTop Arcade cabinet. He's mentioned the same about his 3 stunning muscle cars too... didn't seem to do anything with them.

I think he was burnt out in general... not just about VPin. He just seems to be really busy with work all the time.

Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
Oops, got side-tracked with stuff.

I've absolutely no idea what the latest version of the table would be, nor if it's split in to more than one sub-version. Any idears there, matey?

If so, feel free to upload in to Resources.
If not, I guess I could upload the versions Charles attached earlier. What think...?

Also, if you have any favorites of your various table projects, we'd love to see some of them shared here, if that sounds good.
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