New Century (Genco, 1933)

VPX Genco Flipperless Recreation New Century (Genco, 1933) v1.0a

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Another never released table for VP. Tons of redrawing and it came out near perfect. Not a single ball stays on the playfield, but drops below and rolls down to the corresponding point area and turns an em reel to show the points. Another of my personal favorites.
Enjoy yourselves!

PS: This table is the VERY RARE FIRST release of New Century and images of it are VERY HARD to find.

DOWNLOAD HERE: New Century, 1933 by Genco

(updated link --@Ike Savage)


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STYLISH... the way the ball has to wrap around like that before getting to the PF. (I don't know what it is, but that kind of thing tends to make me happy, for some reason)

Nice work, sir!
Thank you. As for stylish, YES I agree that for a 1933 machine it has some kind of "flair" that you don't see in newer types of machines. Simple, but elegant and I think this is why I really wanted to preserve this table for VP. It was fun to redraw and create for sure.

This was the first of two tables in the line, but the original New Century can beat the "Special" version by miles.
Go to the top of the page. Click on resources. Choose Visual Pinball then VP Recreations Flipperless Games. Scroll to find it and download.
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