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Upgrade/Project New Feature - Add New Color Schemes to the Forum Using Styles


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We have added a way to change the style of this forum. If you have problems with eye strain, you may find one of the new options works better for you. ...Or if you want the forum to have a fresh new look, these new options should fill the bill. Styles mostly change the color scheme. But, there may be a few other format changes like headings may be oriented vertically instead of horizontally. It is all part of the style and you should have no problem making your way through it.

You can change the style at the bottom of every page on the forum. When you hover over "XenForo Stock Style" as shown in the screenshot below, you will see "Style chooser" appear. When you click on "XenForo Stock Style", you will see the style options that are available and you can click on them. You can also click on the following link to see the same options:

Add New Color Scheme to the Forum Using Styles.png


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Happy to report that this works great on mobile too.
I like shades of blue quite a bit too but that defeats the purpose of having lenses with filters for it :)

Great work on the themes generally speaking. They all seem to be balanced nicely after quick testing them all.


Flippered Out
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I like Shades of Blue the best but Blue, Teal and Shades of Grey all help improve my eye strain compared to the the stark white of the default style. Black is difficult for me to read though some of us will probably like it. Grey helps with the eye strain but still a little too bright.

For those of you that struggle with eye strain on your PC, I have found changing the theme on Windows so it uses an RGB of 228, 221, 205 really helps and it is a cream color not far from white.
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