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New Graphica


Inserted Coin
They give a little time I am amusing myself to modify to diagram of the Visual Tables of the Pinball of several the Authors (Duglis,Robair,Furio and many) released opportunely.
I have decided to specialize to me in such sense hoping,in future,of miglioraded:intanto I am in order to release the Visual Table of Pinball by Furio "4-Belles Gottlieb 1954" (and thanks Furio) whith one diagram.
Iwould want if,possible,that one put the Rows "4-Belles Gottlieb 1954" in the directory of the Visual Pinball Tables useful for the downloading.
You excuse to me if the my too much English perfect:who to Several Authors makes does not appeal to all what the are in procinct making and contributing,in my small,than the Visual Pinball she can continue to along.
The plans of the modified Tables of yhe Pinball are following:

4-Belles Gottlieb 1954 by imminent FURio release
Arabian Knight Gottlieb 1953 by Duglis
Around the World Gottlieb 1959 By Robair
Ali' Baba Gottlieb 1948 by Duglis
Criss Cross Gottlieb 1958 by Robair
Falstaff Gottlieb 1957 by Duglis
Gypsy Queen Gottlieb 1955 by Robair
Sitting Pretty Gottlieb 1955 by Robair

Here these are some Visual Pinball Tables that I am lavorando; alcune of the they like "Sitting Pretty Gottlieb 1955" by Robair are to 90%.
Until to hour I have predelight the Age of the Pinball Classic (1947-1959)but my plans will as an example move also in other Age like the fabulous"Years '60!".
Thanks still.
I have noticed that the Visual Pinball Tables of Duglis "Minstrel Man" is unlock and since I have material available I asked if is possible (also Duglis trough E-Mail) to be able to unblock iy so that I can modified it graphicamente?
Thanks. :wink:
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