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New joke... not for the sensitive ones


Pinball Wizard
An ugly man walks into his local pub with a big grin on his face.

"What are you so happy about?" asks the barman.

"Well, I'll tell you," replies the ugly man. "You know, I live by the railway. Well, on my way home last night, I noticed a young woman tied to the tracks, like in the movies. Of course I went and cut her free and took her back to my place.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I scored big time! We made love all night, all over the house. We did everything, me on top, sometimes her on top, every position imaginable!"

"Fantastic!" exclaimed the barman. "You lucky guy. Was she pretty?"

Dunno...Never found the head.


Pinball Wizard
Ha ha - I really dig the 'Whore-R' jokes. If only women were born without heads, they would B much smarter! :D However, I do like a pretty face :p Plus, with no head, she can't give U blow jobs :( Hey but U can fu*k her throat and wind pipe directly - so I guess in a way U R gaining a hole - so it's not so bad :) However, I wager a dead chick won't clamp down on ya' proper, so it's all a moot point I guess. Hey I am reminded of a pic I did. It's called 'Dead Whore'...


Notice the headless hooker in the background (look within the images). Oh I also heard a joke in a silly movie the other day - "U can always smell it, on girls who sell it."

I am thinking of starting a business 2 market 'extinction pills' - permanent self-sterilization instead of silly repetative 'birth control' or 'day after' pill BS. I guess the only drawback is they won't B able 2 pound out 'divorce leverage' (children) - but hey they could maybe come up with a new scam. Oh, they could adopt Africans together - like nicole Kidman - then the guy will have 2 pay & there's none of the 'messy' motherhood (oh the horror). White women R so insane, I am certain it will sell extremely well :) Even some white boys would take it. That's where the 'smarter without their heads' remark comes from. U can't convince a tree 2 destroy itself, but hey U C PEOPLE do that kind of nonsense all the time. People R 2 me more like bags of bones n' Jell-O that just churn out pre-recorded nonsense they parrot from TV, 'school', movies - etc. People do whatever TV tells them 2 do 4 instance. It's kinda' sad.

Oh yeah U could integrate 'extinction pills' into the soap operas n' other shows n' stuff - "Oh darling, thank U 4 being considerate. I'm glad U came 'prepared'" (swallow). Then they make 'mad passionate (pointless) whoopie'. That's really all sex is in America now, & Y this place is turning into a 3rd world sewer like Brazil. OK that's not funny, but it's true! :D Hey Y not sell more tools, like the pointless shiny boxes (new cars) n' EXTINCTION PILLS 2 accelerate that ride into hell??? Give the people what they want yes? After America descends into chaos, Russia (& other Eastern European countries without the 'equalitarian' nonsense) will take up the slack. Eastern Europe is pretty rad. 4 instance, being gay in Romania is a 3 year jail term. I hear in Siberia, they just kill them - nobody cares. Hey don't stop there - get out those pikes n' go Vlad on the rest of the mongrels :twisted: I always like 2 joke about the pike thing, as it's cheaper than crucifixion (it's good 2 save $$$ ya'know).

Oh hey speaking of money, I heard the other day that the '$' symbol is actually a variant of something sinister (forget specifically what) - like this...


This is based on some old symbol of 'control' from bible legends n' whatnot or somethin' - snake on the crucifix. U know, how $$$ can B used as a means of control over human beings. 'He who prints the $$$' n' all that jazz. U know, kinda' like on the dollar bill it outlines the order of master/servant - knowledge (of the various human chess games) over the slaves...


Annuit Coeptis... Novus Ordo Seclorum =
"God Favors Our Efforts... New Order Of The Ages"

I know y'all probably think this stuff is pretty silly, but hey it's right there in your face! Sometimes, it's best 2 'hide' in plain sight, as they say :shock:

Oh speaking of impaling jokes n' stuff, these R kinda' nifty Giger pix. His art is pretty cool - it's really 'mean'...




Pinball Wizard
"Without a doubt Neptune, you are one of the least principled, pathitic persons I've even encounted."

Don't B a meanie Mr. Cat :( I only wish 2 sell people what they want. Clearly white Americans R suicidal, so I just wanna' help them finish the job faster :) I'm all about efficiency! :D heh heh :twisted:

I don't particularly go 4 shock. I simply observe nature. Nature is cruel. Hmmmm - maybe I can find an example ...


Eat, or be eaten :shock:

Ha Ha I am reminded of Mr. Shark there - that movie 'A Shark Tale' - the cartoon, where the sea creatures beg for their lives, and the fag shark ('vegitarian') doesn't want 2 eat them - all bleeding heart. Of course HollyWierd makes him the 'hero' :p Propaganda like that is part of the reason Americans R so suicidal - we worship dregs. Rap is another good example. I just call it 'slave noise'. A main goal of all this sorta' stuff of course is the government/corporations (corrupt whites basically) want 2 turn this place into a 3rd world slave plantation. We bring it on ourselves. WE are the problem. Who let the jews in? Us. Who let the rest of the trash in? We did. Who PRETENDS 2 give a damn about Israel - merely as an excuse 2 meddle with the Middle East n' steal their stuff? - U guessed it ... Y should I (or anyone 4 that matter) give a damn about people so intent on destroying their own nation? I'm moving 2 Romania. Let this place sink into a sea of lava 4 all I care. Don't 4get 2 take those suicide pills (birth control) white Americans - WOO HOO! :p Your wish is my comand.


PN co-founder
Shockman said:
Is he? Or is he just shocking you?
He does seem to have your ear in hand.

No, not much shocks me any more Shochman. I simply don't care for Neptune, which is OK, since I get the feeling he doesn't much care for me either.

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