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VP8 SS Original Table New Table Out: Owl Girl

Solid State Machines


Pinball Nudger
Owl Girl
As june comes to a end and the animals, the birds and all of nature's wild things volley for a position in pinball for june, I do another birdly table..

Considering I've done them about penguins and vultures and cardinals and parrots and someday soon, Pelicans, the owl would have to come in sometime, and in this I present Owl girl.

Owl girl, as pertains to the character pictured, is one in a short line of flightless owls defending their self-named city of Owltopia from the outside forces of evil and loggers.. who craves justice and sweets equally. And she is the most renowned of them all, with a heroic career stretching well into the 2010's as she rode her humanoid girl mecha for justice. A mecha with a couch for a head and stun lazers mounted on the arms (don't blame the owls, they're more imaginative than practical.) And Owl girl, riding the mecha, is oddly humanoid for her owl head is shaped like a human girl's head..

As to the pinball Owl girl, It's got a couple of owl sounds, lots of musical jamming sounds and 6 flippers, mmm. And it's the last pinball for the first half of 2003 i will release, thank god 2003 is ending @_@. Plus several moving targets and simple gameplay round things out.... And the music is good ,too.

Available at shivasite's uploads(while the site still is up), and , at http://usuarios.lycos.es/moorelove

Something I've made up after a weekend of nearly having too much cocoa..

but mmm, like as june began, it ended with this:

how sweet it is.




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