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Jul 1, 2003
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Another week, another pinball, i guess.. but what a unusual one, even for me.

It's called, Shake Shake Shake ...

And it's one of the first truly unflippered pins I've ever designed (and it's not a pachinko or a gun game recreation)...

While it has all the comforts of regular pins, it does not have flippers. It has multiball, but no flippers. It has lots of bumpers (small) but no flippers. Even a plunger but no flippers, much like the mid 50's pins and earlier.

In concieving this one, i thought about what'd had happened if unflippered pinball had made it somehow to the 70's and to the disco scene. Or to the 2000's . or both. And in this , shake shake shake gives an explanation of disco fever via the spaceborne Boogie bug, who's ability to connive beings of all species to dress in polyester and shake themselves madly on blinking platforms has nearly caused civilization to fall wherever it goes..and this table shows it trying to make a comeback.. and there are no flippers for you to use, just use the tilt keys for weak nudges, and flipper keys for strong nudges, to nudge as needed to get where you'll hope you'll go... not sure how to explain how to do real well in this new one.

Strange i should make a pin without flippers, but i guess there's a first for anything.

The table, is at


Anyway, hope you enjoyed the 4th of july.

for me, i've had better.

getting real shaky,



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Well I must congratulate you again here, this is a fun game indeed. The table is most definatle a wild one, I am yet to tame this beast. 8)

Thank's for a fun flipperless table wrenchien! The Title fits this Table perfectly! :) A whole lotta shakin' going on!

It's availabe at The Magic Of Flipperless Tables Page as well as the Novelty section.
Hey Wrench

I got a high score of 9571

Not too good I suppose but...well...

Hope you don't mind me saying this but this could end up being a lazy persons table....NOT YOU lol

There could be a tendancy to let the table play itself a bit....I found that I only REALLY had to bump when I got into the lower drain area...It was quite possible to escape the drain but it would be easy to miss the chance....

Other than that....GOOD WORK....It's nice to see you putting your obviously massive energy source to flipperless tables....They make a great change of pace don't they....production wise I mean....

BTW - What is the layout based on...It looks like a wierd disco dude....OR a very surreal map of the USA....


Keep it up.....I want to see another thirty five flipperless tables from you before you do your next one hundred flippered ones.....I don't expect them tomorrow but some time before 2005 might be an aim.....


when i designed the pinball's outer wall, i was surprised it was making the shape of an alien , so that's what it became.. a wierd disco fever-inducing alien bug/beast combine small as a speck of dust yet it can move hundreds of miles a hour....

even faster than the postal mail. :)
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