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VP8 SS Original Table New Table Out: Trap Doors

Solid State Machines


Pinball Nudger
As june and half of 2003 comes to a end, I wrap up the half with a doubly strange table in the table, Trap Doors .. .... A update on a c-64 table i did named trap doors.

It's been done about Tanya trap, a half-moth human girl who, while tripping on the skateboard in a old house she called her pad, discovered the doors lead just about everywhere within... even to the future where she would found herself as a fan of raves more than a fan of the skateboard....

And in a trippy house of doors within the timeplex, a teen of the past meets a music fan of the future, not with paradoxes or with chronal distortions.. just with lots of trippy fun.

In this one, it's more of the usual wierdness and some new and old ideas.. Slingshots with images on the top and there are flashes when you hit them...
A gumball to bat, funky color flippers, old-school multiball with locks to drop... And trippy, trippy collages of doors as the backdrop with scoring and ball displays located entirely within playfield gameplay. And multiball, to get, is not an easy task...

Plus, not only are lots of doors used, but lots of door noises, like opening doors , closing doors , and even door bells...



will have this latest of my efforts online...

One of the final ones ever to see magnolia stuff.

Anyway, I've no idea what the future will bring.

But i think there might be some animals in it, somehow.

if not some trips just ... yet.

Door Whatever,



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