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Newbie help!!


Inserted Coin
I download the last tables of Elvis,Sopranos,Ripley's etc...........and can't plays.........Why I needs for this tables??....I installed the versions that incluids 190 tables .

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Did you install the ROM's for the tables as well? If so, make sure they are in zip format in the rom folder. Don't extract the files. The more info you provide about the problem the better. ;)


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I had the roms in the corresponde folder, but I need a upgrade version of programs and files.........Where I can get it?...for run this amazing tables??:verysad:

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Well, let's see - many things can be wrong here. The fact that you downloaded all those tables at once probably means that you downloaded from a torrent or other unauthorized site. It's best to download tables from the authors directly or from where the authors have given permission for their tables to be stored and downloaded. The main problem with this is that there's no guarantee that the tables aren't corrupted in some way. The other problem might be that you need to re-install the Visual Pinmame program. My advice is to re-install and download a few of the tables you're having trouble with from here. By here, I mean the download section at Pinball Nirvana.

http://www.pinballnirvana.com/index.html Go here first and download the Visual Install Pack by Phoenixx. Be sure to uninstall what you have on your computer already, and do a fresh install with the install pack. This should give you everything you need, minus roms. Then go to the download section here and try a few tables, and see if everything runs right. Again, I would recommend that you download only from this site or one run by the maker of the table. Hope this is clear enough. Good luck.


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I've looked at your other posts and you have yet to ask a question or explain your problem. That's probably why you've gotten zero responses.


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when i download a table.... do i have to extract (unzipp) and then sort the files?

im afraid i have created to many folders or have flies in the wrong place.

heres what happens when i use the launcher..... i get what appears to be the video display like times 10 the size.... no table. if i "open" the table by itself it is playable.

i think i have the roms in the right place but not the tables
its very confusing to me.
i was hoping to find a step by step guide or something for dummies :))
thanks for your time


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Pinball MOnk
Ok I gonna try with your advice.......but I found the problem.......the big problem is windows f&%$/!!! vista. I have the sames files in the pc in my job and runs without a problem.
maybe I had to install XP ........for futures inconvenints.....but thanks for your time!!!:awaken:


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thanks dave.!!!!....now work it.....but the elvis pinball run a slow........what I need for fix it???...and other quiestion I change the balls for five balls ( in my country the pinballs plays with 5)....but the changes dont save it......:sob:

Pinball Monk

Pinball Player
I'm not sure about the Elvis table. I haven't played it. Having three or five balls probably depends on the Rom. I'll look into it. I'm learning things as I help you. I won't be on line again until late Monday or Tuesday, so you know I haven't forgotten about you. :) Until then, just pretend you're playing in the USA. ;)


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This works for most tables, it depends on the manufacturer, there are a few threads at VPF on this matter if you use their search....

Press the End key to open coin door.

Press the top 0 (zero) key twice to enter menu.

Press the top 9 key (not numpad keys) until you see

Press the 0 key to select STANDARD ADJ

Press the 0 key to highlight the number for BALLS PER GAME.
The number will blink when highlighted.

Press the 9 key to increase the number of balls, or the 8 key to decrease the number of balls. Then press the 0 key and wait for confirmation.

Then press the 7 key repeatedly until you are back in PLAY MODE. Press the End key to close the Coin Door.

Here is a thread at VPF that is very helpful in adjusting ROM settings, you can use it's logic to change about anything on all tables.

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