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News from Druadic 10/4


PN co-founder
News Update on Druadic

I just got another letter from Wilbur, aka Druadic, and while he said that none of the unreleased tables and games I have on my HD are ready for public consumption, there is good news too. He has hooked up his computer finally, and is working a bit with a few of his VP projects. Of course, that other game he’s working on as part of a team effort comes first, but there is hope he’ll finish something VPish before too long.

I can’t tell you exactly what he’s working on, since he likes to surprise me, but he has recently mentioned pay out machines, and bingos, and even finishing his word and math games. He also says he needs to update his older work, but I keep telling him that I would rather see new releases, since he’s already updated my two favorites, Sure Shot and Electric Cyclone.

I’m also trying to convince him to at least hook up to a free e-mail account, so he and I can keep in closer touch. So while he might still be gone for another two years, it sounds more like I might be able to release something in the near future. Will says he misses his VP buddies, but not the squabbles, and included a long list on folks to say Hi to. But since his friends know who they are, I won’t type the list. But his closing comment should give us hope. Druadic Lives On.