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VP8 Flipperless Original Table NFL Pinball 2004/2005


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By Patrick

I've been playing around with this table for awhile and it's really neato, ThankYou Patrick! :D

You can play an entire exact NFL season for the team that you choose, play with or without flippers and even replace the default Bengals fight song with a different one!
"2 levels, can choose your team, use the entire real 2004/2005 NFL schedule. 4 quart times of 15 seconds (1 second=1 minute), 16 matches by season, calculate your rank, Play cheerladers round, play musics"


Find NFL Pinball Here:
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I replaced the Bengals song with "my?" Vikings fight song, Skol Vikings!


  • skol_vikings.wav
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Now hold on a minute. The Bungels don't even have a fight song any longer, they lose so often it's now their surrender song. They will never have another winning season until Mike Brown retires or sells the team. He must be a disappointment for his father Paul, who must be spinning in his grave. I'm not a football fan, although I was one of the first 1000 seaon ticket holders when they started. If I still followed football, I'd have to find a new team to root for.

But as for Patrick's game, yes, it's cool. I've only played the flipperless mode so far, and lost every game, but it is lots of fun. Maybe I'll have more luck with flippers.

John :oldman Go XU, beat Dayton


Here how to replace all the musics by your preferred musics:

1. Create a wav file named debut.wav with your prefered music.
2. Delete the default music: Launch the game. Then quit the game (echap - Quit to editor). In the top menu of the editor, click Tables - sound manager. Click the file named debut.wav. Then click Delete.
3. Import your music: Click import and import your preferred music also named debut.wav.

Do the same operations for the others musics.
ALL THE MUSICS that you can replace are:
debut.wav: music intro
siff.wav: played when the game starts
Touchdown2.wav: played when your team touchdown
goal.wav: played when your team wins 3 points
crowd.wav: played when you win yards
cheer3.wav: played when you win yards
but.wav: played when you win yards
air.wav: encourage your team
Sifl4ok.wav: played when your opponent win
cheermus.wav: cheerlader music played when you win a game
fight.wav: played when the ball hits the referree.
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