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Nick Toons - five flipperless in one.


Pinball Player
Hi all,

I have just gotten a brilliant idea.

You've all seen the toy game you get at cheap toy shops. The ones where there are six versions of the same table available with only different table images and backglass design.


I am going to make a new flipperless table which takes this method to a new level. FIVE TABLES IN ONE.

The idea is to have 5 different layouts and five different table graphics which can be rotated before starting to play a game (like the mod/traditional modes on DKHandheld). The sounds will change too.

No SS yet as I only thought about it last night but I think it's a go.

I might need a bit of play testing from a few people when it's almost done to make sure it all works.


I'll let you know how I go.

Also......... I have about ten cartoons to choose from but which is YOUR fave Nick Toon.




PN co-founder
I'm not into Nick Toons, and any current animation really, but I do like your idea. In fact I had an idea a few years back for a triple table, a bagatelle, a flipperless, and an EM, but of course I didn't have enough coding or other skills and knowhow to even know where to begin. Even suggested it to Andy from Wild Snake, but I doubt if they'll try it.

Anyway, do keep us posted, and keep me in mind when the testing begins. And if you'd like to give my idea a go, let me know and we can team up and see if it works.

John :oldman


Pinball Player
Great tiltjlp.

Only thing is, I have no idea how an EM works. I'd like to figure it out at some stage but hust haven't found the time. Anthias says they're easy but I don't know about that. Still, it might make a nice challenge. I'm going to have each table completely separate from each other. They'll all have their own walls, sounds and graphics and they'll hide below a skin and interchange when you press a certain key.

This is the idea i had when I originally started on Black Jack One but at that stage I didn't have the knowledge I do now. Not that I'm an expert, but I feel i have the ability to make a five in one table (especially a flipperless). A flipperless doesn't have to have complex features, it just has to have playability.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted.




Add-a-ball specialist
Site Supporters
If all 5 tables are independent of each other... They may as well be seperate .vpt files

But if the gameplay interacted with each other, then it might be worthwhile, like if you achieved something during gameplay, then new graphic or new walls would popup.


PN co-founder
What you mentioned Bob, is exactly the idea I had. You'd start off with the bagatelle, and at some point, maybe determined by the score, it would pop up one of those gobble holes you like so much, and hitting it would take you to the flipperless table, and then on to the EM table. The more times you completed all three tables the higher bonus you would get, and the more complex and difficult each table becomes. I still like the idea, and with Patrick as my partner, maybe we can pull it off one of these days.

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