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Now i can fully relate to a losing a pet...


3 days ago one of our animals got into a fight with a raccoon. we took him to the vet who gave us anitbiotics for the infections. today we had to put him down! the vet misdiagnosed his injuries. the original vet wouldn't even see him after telling my roomie(it's actually his cat) that if it got worse to just bring him in. So we scrambled andfound anothervet who'd see him. Unfortunately, this vet told us that the infections were so widespread (apparently he was missing two claws from BOTh his hind legs; something the first vet missed and the infection had spread to both his front legs!) that he had to be eauthanized, so when my roomie got home we dug thru the rock-hard frozen ground and buried him next to our pet rat, and our pet ferret. I am a little depressed and real upset at the negligence of that first vet. His secretary countered our cries of negligence with "well he was voted as the best vet by the community" what a bag of crap! if he is the best, I'd hate to see the worst.
So now I fully understand and feel for the gentleman who recently lost his dog (can't remember who it was!) My roomie and his wife can't have kids so all their animals ARE their kids!
and now I'll just go and have a glass of milk in a silent toast to all our lost and beloved animal friends


Inserted Coin
Sad to hear this faralos, you have my condolences. I can relate to how a loss of an loved pet can be. We (the family) had to put our dog to sleep a few years back, I think it has been 6 years now. But I still miss him so much, he was the only friend i had 13 years, and he was always there. I always get sentimental when I talk about him.
He was truly one of a kind. We got him when he was about 8 week old. May he rest in peace.

Isaac Sauvage

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raccoons are not to be underestimated. they are curious animals and many of them have quick tempers, meaning every cat and small-medium sized dog would be well-advised to steer clear of them. my grandparents' dog in particular got killed by raccoons that it foolishly decided to interfere with one day.

also, if you love your cat it's really in both your interests to keep it indoors.
that's not the 'naturalistic' approach, but there are oodles of bad things that can happen to cats in suburbia and the wild.

considering that the animal is a dear friend of yours who can live over 20 years (my cat is going on 22), letting them go outdoors is a decision that will probably bring you heartache eventually.


well our other one stays inside (she's 100% deaf!) and she loves it there! so she'll be around for a long time she's 3 so we have a long time (hopefully) with her. the other animals (their mini chuhauha is currently sound asleep in my lap as I type) all knew when we brought Ravens body home and they all were outside with us when we lowered him into the ground. they've been strangely silent all day, Do animals really pick up on stuff like that? or so they just emulate our emotions? I like to think they are in mourning too.


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I think that losing a loved pet is one of the hardest things that we
can experience in our life. I have been there,,,,most painful.

Only Time will heal !!!!



Pinball Nudger
I too sympathise with you Faralos, throughout my whole life I have always had cats ( with Family growing up and as adult life too ) so I know what you're going through man and all I can say from many experience is TIME IS THE ONLY HEALER. I have cried more for a cat than a person at times, especially after finding my ( 1 of ) red Burmese on the side of the road on his back and split open from throat to stomach and I'll never forget that image of pink flesh and blood in his eyes and ears :(
The only thing I was gratefull for was that he wasn't repeatedly run over by cars and made into a mince pattie ??? You're right in saying that for some people pets are Family or kids, great companions and great givers of unconditional love. So hang in there, remember the good times and TIME will help.

Matt :)


Pinball Wizard
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Very sad. Did the negligent vet charge you money? I might be thinking of taking the vet to small claims court.


of course he charged us money. and yes we spoke with a lawyer and we have a very strong case against him for negligence, and abuse! so we are persuing this and we already told the local newspaper and the police (since we made quite a scene and they were called in)and the AMA (apparently the american medical association handles vets too!) about it. they said they'll also look into it (the ama told us we aren't the first complaint against him and his office, good to know!) hopefully we can shut him down before this happens to someone else, as I'd hate for it to happen to possibly a youngster who would'nt be able to handle it as well as we have!
Thanks for all your support...


Stay tuned.....
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I have a calico cat named Tatum and I love her DEARLY. She's my girl. I do just about everything for my cat :)

I lost my black cat Midnight (Mitzy) and she was about 18 human years old. She was so old that she couldn't get to the litter box and that. My father took her for me because I had issues at the time, but one day I got a call from him telling me that she just couldn't go on so they had to put her down. BUT my father told me this:

"if it's anything to you son, I put her on the table and she purred until she was gone. She was a very happy kitty cat."

I still cried for days but felt she was in a better place. I do miss that little black cat all the time.

When I lose "Tay Tay" I will be shattered. She is one of the smartest kitties I have ever had. I love her dearly.

My condolences....



PN co-founder
well our other one stays inside (she's 100% deaf!) and she loves it there! so she'll be around for a long time she's 3 so we have a long time (hopefully) with her. the other animals (their mini chuhauha is currently sound asleep in my lap as I type) all knew when we brought Ravens body home and they all were outside with us when we lowered him into the ground. they've been strangely silent all day, Do animals really pick up on stuff like that? or so they just emulate our emotions? I like to think they are in mourning too.

I'm really saddened to read this. And yes, I do believe that animals do grieve in some way. They may not feel emotions the same way we do, but they do form close attachements, and can be upset when their routine is broken.

We had 4 cats at the time my dad died in 1995, and each of the cats mourned for him in some way. When I returned home after dad died, all 4 cats came into the room I was in and sat in a semi-circle around my chair. They sat there for about 10 minutes, and then his cat, Samantha, hopped onto my lap and snuggled with me.

They were better behaved, and got along better then usual, ubtil after the memorial service for dad. His cat continued to sleep on dad's bed after he was gone. I ebed up selling the house, and had to give 3 of the cats away to friends, which was and still is the hardest thing I've ever done. I can't believe that kind of response is simply instinct.


Pinball Wizard
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No, it's not instinct. I have a cat on my lap right now.
I have five female cats and every morning when I wake up, every one of them comes around to say good morning. They take a sit like a Sentry while making eye contact. I don't know about other cats, but when my cats are comfortable with me, they yawn as if they are at peace with me.

And the cat on my lap? When she is in heat or concerned about something else, she sometimes says, "Hello". Particularly when she is in heat and I give her a pat on the back,she frequently says, "Wow-wow".
If you want to talk to your cat, it helps to use words that they can pronounce easily, like "Wow-wow". She says "Wow-wow" when things are not quite working out and she has a need.

The youngest cat. At three weeks old with no prior human contact, only paying attention to the surrounding behavior as she stayed with the mother cat until then, simply walked up to me out of the blue and said "Hi".

They also get angry at any one of them that decides to skip the cat box and use the carpet, furniture, etc. instead, though they empathize with vomiting and do not get angry over that.

I am dismayed at the misinformation available on the Internet. When looking it up, you often will find misinformed people talking about petting a frisky cat and then "suddenly being bitten for no reason". Well, when that happens here, it is not a bite that causes injuries, but a "checking-me-out" kind of grab and hold of a hand, finger or arm just to make sure that I will not retaliate violently, and is done by the cat so that the cat then feels safe with me.
These folks fail to realize that a cat has no hands other than their claws for fingers and that it is their nature to use their mouth and teeth to hold things and people, or to pick things up and move them around. I never get angry or hostile when the cats "nip" and they then usually follow with an affectionate lick.
They just want to make sure that they are not about to get creamed by the big human.

But, if the cat appears to be angry, then watch out for the hard bite.


Stay tuned.....
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My cat Tatum will pick up her food in her paws and eat it! She's a polydactyl (has more than the normal toes) and uses her "thumb" just like a human. NO JOKE. I love watching her eat!

Cats are simply brilliant. ALL of my cats (except Tiger) were females. They seem to be more content than the males - the males like the outdoors much more than the females do. It seems the females require more love and attention too.

I LOVE my cat. I'd do anything to make her life better and better. :)



Inserted Coin
Strange to see this thread pop up.

My horse died 13 days ago, last week was hard to get through. I've had dogs and cats in my life but the bond with a horse is very different. Getting over this has been worse than all the cats and dogs I've lost combined.

He was such a good horse...

Last edited:


Inserted Coin
That's a shame.
How old was your horse?

Don't know exactly how old he was, I was probably his 5th owner, had him for the last 10 years, he originally came to the ranch about 18 years ago on a trailer full of horses from Mexico. Looking at his teeth he was somewhere between 25 and 30.

About 5 years ago he developed respiratory problems. Not having to go over to give him his medicine every night has been a bad reminder that he's not there any more.

There's a black Tennessee walking horse at the ranch that no one is doing anything with, I'm going to lease him, I'm not ready to own another horse but don't want to be completely horseless.


Pinball Wizard
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My five female cats got started after I adopted a male cat who I call "Bopper",
which is how they all got started.
He stays outside now because he's "Bopper" and because that cat wants to spray everything that I own. He does it to be friendly of course.
I don't know how anyone puts up with the piny-piss reek of male cat spray, and if he was indoors I'd be spending a fortune on Hydrogen Peroxide to eradicate the pleasure of his company!
The females don't do that, so they stay indoors so they don't get going again.
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