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Old table...


Pinball Nudger

I was on vacations and found this in a small store in Norway. Can anyone identify it?




PN co-founder
Sometimes I miss stuff. I had to lighten your picture up a lot before I could see it well enough to figure out what it might be. I would guess that it's an early home made or at least hand made bagatelle ranging the 30s to the 50s. It could be newer, but from the condition, it probably is quite old. Many such games/toys were made both by hand by small companies as well as by home handy men. I removed my SS since Furio's below looks a lot better.



PN co-founder
Shockman said:
I think Noah may have built that out of spare parts.

Funny Shockman. but which Noah? Webster or the Ark fellow? The reason I suggested it might be home made was that back in the 30s to 60s many Handyman type magazines printed diagrams and plans for projects like this. So if it's the Noah I think you mean this one could have been made from Olive wood?



Pinball Wizard
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Shipment one picture of the disowned bagatelle .
Is adapted for the recreation of a volunteer?
Saluti dall'Italia.


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PN co-founder
Good job Furio, you made it look half way decent. It still looks sort of home made, but it might have been hand made for selling in a small shop.

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