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    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.
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Old VIPs going offline soon!


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Older versions of the Visual Install Pack will soon go offline.

This affects the following downloads:




If you link the VIP from your site, please update your links to the current version accordingly. (URL/Visual_Install_Pack_8.1_2.1+NT.exe) Otherwise your visitors will soon only get a 404. If you know somebody or a place that links the VIP, (emulation sites, private project pages, etc.), please let them know. I do not and can not visit them all. The deadline is 2 weeks from now. Once offline the old versions will not be restored. There will be no further announcements.


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Your efforts are greatly appreciated Phoenixx!!!

I've put together a DVD for a few friends who aren't computer savvy, and without your installer, I'd have had to set everything up for them. As it is, they run your installer, drag and drop the Tables and Roms, and they're away!!!

Thanks heaps...
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