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Online Personality Profile at eharmony.com


PN co-founder
If you enjoy this sort of thing, check out www.eharmony.com. You'll need to register to take the profile questioinaire, but it is very through. It takes a fair amount of time to take it, but you can save it and go back to it too. The result for me was a 4 page profile, and while I only glanced at it as I copy and pasted into Word, and then printed it out, it seems interesting, indeed.

Of course they want you to sign up for there match up service, but you don't have to. I assume they will send me e-mails, but I plan on blocking them. Anyway, I might learn a thing or two about myself, and eevn if I don't, the profile will give me something to read about one of my all time favorite topics, Me.