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Original VP Table Screenshots Uploaded!


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I've completed sorting through and uploading my collection of Original VP Table Screenshots! There are over 900 of these, I'm sure that I'm missing some and others could be older screenshots that need to be updated. Any help would be appreciated!

You can view, rate, comment on or add screenshots at the "Album" link for Magic Pinball Forums, or here:


The project was started primarily because I've always had VP screenshots active as my screensaver, but I wanted the images to be seperated (VP recreations, Originals and VPM) and named properly for screensaver programs that will show the image name within the saver program. I'll also be starting VPM and recreation screenshot projects! These Screenshots and/or savers are wonderful for discovering Tables that you may not have ever played! :)

There are several Saver Programs I use that will allow you (I run w2k, I hear that you can do this with XP?) to display any images and/or sounds as your active Screensaver. Here are links to some Freeware Programs:
ScreenSaver Select

If we can get updates and additions to these, I'll later add update packs.
Any suggestions and/or updates would be appreciated, you can add images to the Album or if you have lots of additions feel free to zip them and use the Upload Page here:

PS: I had previously made 4 screensavers of VP Screenshots but they were impossible to keep updating, they can be found on this page: