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Over the Edge (Original) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Original Table Over the Edge v1.1p

No permission to download


Pinball Wizard
From the readme file:
I seem to be having a lot of good of table ideas lately, this being one of them. I was inspired by somthing rather simple. An online version of the bowling game "Gutterball 2". I was
playing on the Jungle lane, and I kept watching as the ball came back down this ramp on the side. This, for some reason, made me think of Skee-ball. I thought of making a skee-ball table, but instead, decided on something a little different. With a vision in my mind of how I wanted this to look, I began working on it. A few days later, it was done. Another project finished. Enjoy!
From the designer:
I just finished this one today. I hope you all enjoy it.


  • over_the_edge__screenshot_v10_195.jpg
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Pinball Player
Hey, just wanted to say thanks for this neat little game, it just amazes me what all can be done with VP. This one is quite simple but very nicely done. I'm not much of a flipperless fan but I will definately play this one. :D


Pinball Wizard
Over the Edge updated to v1.1

I've updated this one for real this time. I was playing it today, and I thought :idea: of adding slingshots to the side of the scoring area. I tried it, played it, and found that it added a whole new dimension of strategy to this game. :D While I was at it, I corrected a scripting error I discovered :shock: that allowed you to use the start game key even after the game was started. This caused an additional ball to be added every time the key was pressed. I've included an updated screenshot as well. Check the blue side walls on the left and right side of the scoring area. It's very thin, but you can see the white slingshot wall on the side of both of them. They can be disabled (dropped) in the game, just in case you like the game better without them.


  • over_the_edge__screenshot_v11_271.jpg
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