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payout mechanism


Inserted Coin
i just got a "county fair" and the game counter reals dosen't add games. i have someone coming to fix it. it also has a payout mechanism with the 2 tubes of nickles. how does this work with the couter? isn't it supposed to be that when you turn the machine off and back on, the counter resets and the game pays out?
the guy might not know how to do this. he seems to think it either adds games or pays out and the 2 are different.


Pinball Nudger
I own a county fair game.. Fun game BTW with the screen and the ok section. Sounds like you have a game that was modified to have a payout hopper. This is not original to the game.. It payed out free replays by counting up the replay register for however much the odds are for what color you win. I know virtually everything there is to know about this game so if your still having some problems let me know.. Sounds to me like someone disconnected the replay register and connected it to a payout hopper.. Usually you turn the game off and turn it back on and the game tilts and the replay register counts down to zero. Then the operator of the game would tap you on the shoulder and give you the equivalent in cash. :) However with your game instead of counting up the replay register it just payed out coins so turning the game off and on shouldn't do anything because the replay register will already be at zero. When you press the R button after getting a three in line or in section you can hear it stop and the replay counters step up correct? If it is doing this the game basically works its probably just a cut wire someone cut to make the game legal.



Inserted Coin
county fair

thanks for the response. everything on the county fair works perfectly now. the machine racks up games and when you turn it off and turn it back on the nickles spit out at the bottom. just the way i remember them as a kid. in Maryland they were all over the place with payout slots. until they became illegal. i believe mine came out of an old gambling parlor. it was bought in an area of Maryland where, in the 60's, there were gambling parlors.
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