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You seem like a tmfp type of punk to me, hope you find some happiness..

No, You would never be asked to be on this staff again, you already fucked up....

It's over, PD wants you to think his tables are special but they are packaged with a bunch of BS.

RE: Pd

Jon, it took you 6 years to figure that one out? :)
RE: Pd

WTF is a TMFP type? Is TMFP supposed to be an asshole or something because he seems OK to me.

Really, you're starting to sound like a Shockman type to me, Jon. You seem to have gone off the deepend for reasons only someone like Shockman or a statue worshipper like Paratech could figure out. Here I thought you were the cool one and John was the one with the problem, but it's become obvious that YOU are definitely a bipolar experiencing psychosis. Either that or you're just as asshole on a power trip. Regardless, it's clear your site will now die a slow boring death.

I'm sure the deadbeats like Shockman and Paratech will CHEER at my departure, but we both know the site is mostly dead already (barely hanging on a thread with John's whole flipperless thing that most people couldn't care less about) and once I leave it will be truly dead. The ONLY thread getting ANY action is the one I created. Hey maybe you and Shiva can fade into total pinball obscurity together.

Hey, have fun with your web site that no one visits. Don't worry. I've already removed all my tables for you. Good day.
RE: Pd

what the hell just happened? Oo

IMO the "PD tables hosted by JPH" arrangement was very worthwhile for the community because AJ often takes a while to create slots at VPF. you were both doing everyone a favor by this arrangement IMO.

PD has always been outspoken and jon has always been mercurial. nothing changed recently, did it?
RE: Re: RE: Pd

Don't ask me, Nicolas. It came from out of nowhere from my POV. It's not like Jon hasn't had bad things to say about others before himself (apparently TMFP?) so I'm not sure why my little tat with Paratech is bothering him so. I can only imagine Shiva prodding him in the background or something, but really I have no clue. He seems to take a dislike to various staff at VPF for reasons that are his own. I guess he doesn't like TMFP and TMFP has usually treated me with respect and so maybe he doesn't like that or maybe something I said reminded him or something TMFP has said. Who knows. I haven't said a bad thing to Jon until now I apologized for those actions way back when I was an admin and he accepted it and asked me back then to not leave. But John and I weren't getting along at all and Shiva was there prodding them to get rid of me, so I can only guess. After John left (apparently he couldn't get along either), I came back, but I've had no staffing desires at all.

The only other thing I can think of is that Jon sent a PM or e-mail (forget which) asking if he could now return my tables to the main site now that John is gone. I forgot to answer it and wasn't sure what I wanted to do yet anyway (I was about to make a front page for the tables instead of just the directory listing, but I'm busy with this whole moving thing).

Beyond that, I have no idea. I do know I don't like being insulted for no apparent reason by Jon and I'm certainly not a kiss-ass type so what's the point in sticking around a site where the owner clearly doesn't want you there? I mean Shockman sticks around, but he's Shockman (shrug).

Having the place to put my tables apart from AJs was just a convenience (for everyone really) more than anything else. I'll simply go back to the old approval method or let someone else host them (I've had offers there before). It's the users that get hurt (harder for them to get the tables easily), but that's not something I can directly control. Sorry.
RE: Re: RE: Pd

Oh oh. Looks like PacDude is off the medication again. :)
he made sense so that means he's off medication? :s
People sure come and go and quit and move around alot, don't they? Who cares if Jon posts that someone is an asshole? If we started an asshole list, it would be quite a long list. Surely the word, "Punk" isn't as bad as asshole, is it?

I guess we'll have to wait for Reverend Paratech to give us the official asshole viewpoint....

Hmm... not sure...

Ah well, who cares, he's so far gone now in his own personal ego trip that he doesn't even realize what he did that pissed off Jon enough to decide he just isn't worth the effort anymore.

Of course, I had nothing to do with it, I don't involve myself in stuff like this anymore, but have to say I was rather pleasantly surprised when I woke up and read Jon's posts. Maybe if we are all lucky, he can stay at VPF where he is more than happy to lie, rumor mong, and slander my name and just about everyone else that has talent, where he appears to be allowed to.

Hopefully this time, he will actually keep his word for a change and never return. Then he's your problem
> Maybe if we are all lucky, he can stay at VPF where he is more
> than happy to lie, rumor mong, and slander my name and just
> about everyone else that has talent, where he appears to be
> allowed to.

hmm, i never see anybody talking about you at VPF, shiva. altho maybe i could start a thread with your name and see what happens?

anyway, PD isn't allowed to do those things any more than paratech or rob or phoenix or the 'arguer du jour'. all the messy arguments get sent to the argument clinic.

> he doesn't even realize what he did that pissed off Jon

whoo, i love a good mystery! can you give us a hint? :)
....and moved to The Soap Box, definately belongs here, actually soap boxes should be regulation issue for all Vper's, now let me step up on this thing, whoa I feel all high and mighty up here....

Ahem...*clears throat*

Let's see, wow this BS stuff just don't come natural for me, but hey I'll give it a shot.

I'm fairly certain that we're all egotistical wankers, what amazes me is just how fragile and high maintenance we seem to be, honestly what's in a name, FFS have a little backbone and self assurance.

Whatever the case maybe, I would have thought you could give a great host such as Jon a little latitude.

Eh, pathetic, carry on as you were, have a nice day...

See, I told you I'm no good at this. :p

OK, i'll try this again, must of pushed the wrong button?

move > soapbox?
I'm certainly an asshole at times, the thread was started because of a stupid post by PD in the Should fucking idiots be allowed at VPF thread and i probably should have just replied in that thread. I really don't have any huge problems with PD and i didn't remove his Tables, he can continue to use the download folder that was setup for him if he chooses.
bob said:
People sure come and go and quit and move around alot, don't they? Who cares if Jon posts that someone is an asshole? If we started an asshole list, it would be quite a long list. Surely the word, "Punk" isn't as bad as asshole, is it?

I guess we'll have to wait for Reverend Paratech to give us the official asshole viewpoint....


This from a Guy who said I was a fucking loser? A guy who disses me at every opportunity? A guy who has nothing nice to say about me?

All I was pointing out, perhaps a bit viciously, was that PacDude thinks he's "god" and he isn't...I get fed up with his holier than thou like trying to determine who should be able to post at VPF....Note, I put up with your hostility towards me, and maybe you think PacDude's a pinball god and want to be his lackey, I could give a damn, but I think you'd be full of shit to believe such nonsense...

I'm a human being, you are, Pac Dude is, Shockman is, etc, etc, etc... Just because people can design kickass virtal tables doesn't mean they are arrogant assholes...

:lol: :oops:
Paratech, lighten up.... You're just another asshole to me :)

You are all assholes, just that some of you are bigger assholes than others. ;)
bob said:
Paratech, lighten up.... You're just another asshole to me :)


And PacDude is what? Your "god?" "the wind beneath your wings?"

Have you ever seen me jump through hoops for PD? PD is just a guy on the internet, sometimes he seems like a nut, sometimes he doesn't. On the other hand, you seem a little fruity to me. :)
shiva said:
You are all assholes, just that some of you are bigger assholes than others. ;)

That should be "We" are all assholes. :lol:
Paratech's SEVERE jealousy towards me is so damn obvious that I'm not sure whether it's sad or funny, really. This 'god' business is ridiculous. I'm no one's god. I've got a little bit of talent with the VP editor. Kurt's tables are prettier, after all. Does that make him think he's god too? Maybe in Paratech's world.

Rob pissed me off at VPF and so when I came home from the pub the one night and saw another flaming pile of poo by Rob at VPF, I posted that thread/poll there. It hasn't really been about Rob in particular for a LONG time now because it was never worded that way in the first place and a *LOT* of people had some things to say in that thread, not just me and not even just me and Paratech. That thread, stupid as it might be, is the MOST popular active thread on Pinball Nirvana right now. Why? Because people want to get the crap load of bricks off their damn shoulders once in awhile. It's a bitch & whine thread and a LOT of people like to bitch and whine in this community. A lot of people here think their shit doesn't stink and it shows. So I've decided to create:

Sci-Fi BitchFest V2.0


Shiva is like The Emporer from Star Wars. He thinks he's the Godfather of this community and that everyone should probably bow down before him and recognize his almighty Shiva powers. Gaging by his former posts, you'd think he single handedly designed VP, built this community and made most of the popular tables out there and then he would cry a little that no one was using or supporting his site and then throw his arms up in the air and DELETE the entire thing after countless people uploaded their tables to it, etc. He'd then reopen it a few months later for Revision 2, 3, 4, 5.... blah blah blah ... to the point where NO ONE GIVES A FUCKING SHIT about it anymore. The whole Universe turns against the Emporer and his Empire and goes about building a New Republic instead.

And yet he wonders WHY. He *had* VPF and DROPPED IT and then was pissed that AJ picked it up and has been pissed about something ever since from what I've seen. Critisize him even a LITTLE over that and suddenly your're distorting everything. The Sith believe their version of reality is correct and the Jedi are the twisters. I've rewritten history and yet people like Kristian have been here since day 1 almost and can verify that's pretty much how it is. But then Kristian is a Jedi so he can't be trusted from a Sith's POV.


If this were the X-Files online, Shockman would be Mulder. The truth is out there and Shockman is going to find it even if he bores us to death in the process. I always wondered why Mulder never noticed that he could have had Scully at ANY time and she's SMOKING HOT, but Mulder never even LOOKED at her because he was way to fucking busy looking for little grey aliens. The guy didn't even have a bed!!! This is how I picture Shockman at his computer, paranoid as all hell that EVERYONE is out to get him and he's not going to let it go until the world tells him he's right. The problem is he's not right. There is no conspiracy and there are no aliens!


John's problem was that he thinks the world should revolve around flipperless tables and that everyone should behave like they're living in an old black and white musical number from the 1940's. When people start playing punk rock or rap he would get all bent out of shape about it. He thought PN should be run the way he wanted it to be run and Jon, of course pays the bills and therefore got to push John around and John RESENTED that to death. Ultimately, that's why he left. Ultimately, I'd have to say a Sci-Fi comparison wouldn't work too well. He's more like Walter Matheau in Grumpy Old Men.


Ah, the world according to Paratech. It reminds me of some of visiting a nice Holiday Inn only to discover that Norman Bates owns the place. You know what the rules of the inn are, but somehow the owner doesn't quite follow them and so you're afraid he might just cross the line. Then you realize he's too boring to cross any lines. He flirts with his own rules he holds dear, but won't cross those lines because it's wrong (like sex outside of marriage, but since he can't get married, he can't havve sex, but he'll live with her, though....). But he doesn't realize he's ALREADY crossed ALL KINDS of other lines (e.g. see copyrights; yeah I cross those lines too, but I KNOW it; he doesn't seem to).

Me, I'm more of a glass completely full or completely empty kind of guy, not this half full/half empty business. Either I follow the rules because I know they're right or I break them because I know they're stupid. I don't believe in doing things half-assed, especially making pinball tables. So you KNOW that a glass full personality isn't going to get along with a glass half-full personality. It's like the difference between Yoda and Luke Skywalker. They both believe in the same force, but Luke tries and fails and Yoda simply does because he's mature and experienced enough to know that there is NO try. That doesn't stop Luke from yelling and arguing with him all the time, though. Then Luke doesn't believe it when Yoda does something amazing. And Yoda simply says that is why you fail. Luke simultaneously recognizes Yoda can do things he CAN'T do (like build kick ass pinball tables), yet he still thinks of him as this little weird shrivly green guy. Luke is IMMATURE and has a long way to grow spiritually. He doesn't really understand the force, only that it exists. Maybe some day he could be a Jedi, but not for a LONG time because he'd rather run off to Anchorhead with his friends, only to find out they've all gone to the academy already!


Bob is an asshole. He's a real cocky asshole. But he's my kind of asshole! He's like Han Solo. Most of the time he's chasing women and smuggling goods, but once in awhile he comes through when the chips are down.


Kristian is like Ben Kenobi. He knows what he's doing. He's a master in his own right and yet he doesn't see Yoda as some little green weirdo. He can also kick some serious ass when he gets pissed off.


Rob is like Anakin. He's clearly got talent, but he spends more time getting angry and telling the Jedi they're not as good as he is and that he can improve everything they do.


KC is Mace Windu. He thinks he's one bad muthafucker and his purple saber makes him special. He bitches when others like Anakin don't follow the rules, but ultimately he does what he wants himself because modders are too dangerous to be left alive! He doesn't see it coming when others then blind side him and send him flying out over the city on a puff of smoke. People could then swear there used to be this purple lightsaber dude that they thought was bad-ass at one point, but they can't remember what the fuck his name was because he ain't around no more and all traces of his existence have been wiped from the data banks.


AJ is like Dungeon Master in the old D&D Saturday Morning Cartoon. He runs things behind the scenes, yet it's been so long since anyone's seen him, they start to wonder if he actually exists until then one day he pops in out of nowhere to give some fortune cookie stsyle advice or make a mushroom turn into a pot of gold, but then he disappears again and you wonder if you ever really saw him. Or is that like a Leprechaun?


Randy is like some greek god. He's an almost mythical character and the creator of the known VP pinball simulation world, yet only little children can see him or converse with him!


Black is Darth Maul. He thinks he's one bad ass dude and given he's had the VP source code and see that tatoo all over his face, they think he MUST BE bad-ass. Yet he ultimately falls underneath the original Sith Lord so he's more of a Sith Lord wannabe that is just plain PISSED at the world for reasons only he can fathom! Ultimately, Obi-Wan sends him flying off into the land across the River Styx into a Future Pinball Hades.


Jon Haze reminds me of Chong on That '70s show. He owns the Photo Hut so he seems to be in control, yet every time you talk to him you get the feeling he's on psychadelic drugs....


Kurt is the MCP. With near mechanical precision, he slowly overtakes and assimilates all pinball systems until they all have a certain 3D look made with 3D tools in the Kurt 3D way. He runs a 3D Universe all his own that most of the real world doesn't even know exists except when their stock goes way up when Encom's profits go through the roof.


Emkaah is like Flynn in Tron. There was this one time when he kicked the MCP's butt at his own game with a near perfect looking 3D Space Shuttle, but no one has ever seen him since then. He must have gone back to the real world....


Destruk is like the Lawnmower Man. He's EVERYWHERE doing EVERYTHING. It's not humanly possible to make that many pinball tables so he must no longer be human.
I'm jealous of PacDude?
That's very funny. What do you have that I want PacDude?
I'd rather be able to make tables like Eala, since he's made homebrews and arcade tables, I sure don't want your job, I'm happy with Charline as my partner, I'm happy with my education...Exactly what am I jealous of?

You're the one going around acting like everyone needs to listen to your all-knowing wisdom regarding who should post at VPF, politics, religion, etc...

But hey, PacDude, why don't you stay in make believe land? Only there does your Rhetoric make sense....
No, you're just a sad little man that thinks it's OK to tell me I can't have an opinion about someone, but it's OK for you to have an opinion about me and you don't mind expressing it. That is why I say HYPOCRITE be thy name.

I think you also forget the purpose of a DISCUSSION board like the Outlane, Soap Box, etc. is to give your opinions about things yet you harp on me for using them for their intended purpose like only you can give opinions or something. That is why I say ASSHOLE by thy name.

You are also getting good at doing the repeating record bit. Soon I will say SHOCKMAN be thy name. :twisted:

I'm happy with Charline as my partner, I'm happy with my education...Exactly what am I jealous of?

I think you're unhappy with your church and you're unhappy with your god that you think tells you that you can't have the relationship you really want to have because of the tax penalties, etc. I think that is what is making you that sad little man. And it's eating away at you bit by bit since you know you cannot change the law and so you can never truly be happy, not realizing that the problem actually lies within YOU. It's your perception of what god wants that causes you the problem. And that perception is given to you by other people that tell you that is how god perceives you. And you believe them because that is what good little sheep do. And you lash out at people like me because I try to point out that YOU are your own problem in that regard. So you tell me I have no business telling you what your problem is what an asshole I am for simply telling it like it is.

THAT is your problem. :p
You have more than an opinion, you have an attitude. I doubt you have many friends, nor much of a social life, that's why you're so desperate to push your attitude onto other people, I just point out that attitide is pathetic, I'm not the only one who thinks so...

I don't go around acting like everyone should be on my beck and call...I don't give a shit whether people agree with me or not, you get upset whenever anyone challanges you "all knowing power" again, you aren't god, you're a human, stop trying to pretend to be some fucking seer or guru, you're pathetic at it...
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