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VP8 Flipperless Recreation Penny Drop Trade Stimulator released


PN co-founder
I'm happy to announce the release of VP's 2nd ever Trade Stimulaor, Penny Drop, which is also a Bagatelle. For more information about trade stimulators, read the Table Information. Penny Drop is a fast and fun 1 ball game. Enjoy, Thanks to Bob and TomB for coding help.

1940's Penny Drop Game. Coin drop games were and still are very simple. A player drops their coin in a slot where it then falls by gravity down the playfield striking pin's which randomize its trajectory. More modern versions add bells and whistles, but Penny Drop is an example of a Classic Coin Drop game.

In Penny Drop, if the penny landed in the Clown's Mouth, the player won, usually a beer, a sandwich, or maybe even a dime. Otherwise the game simply kept the penny and the player can try again. When the penny landed in the clown's mouth, it was held in place to show a win until released by a wooden push button on top.

Such Trade Stimulators were very popular in bar's where patrons would insert their spare change. Win's were shown to the proprietor who would then payout a win as either a free drink or a cash prize (usually five or ten cents on a penny machine). many variations of coin drops were produced throughout the years including ones that had actual jackpot's which could be made to payout when a coin landed in a particular games winning target.

For converting Penny Drop to VP, I had to make some changes, but kept them to the minimum. Of course I added a few sounds which would not have been used in the original version, although the pin sounds would have been similar to the ones I used. Mine are fairly soft, because in any bar setting, you probably wouldn’t have heard pin sounds anyway.

As far as pressing P to drop your penny, that gives you a feel for what bar patrons did to play the game, one coin at a time. The penny, or ball, which is part of the table and which you can switch to, is held in the clown’s mouth a bit after winning, and that duplicates in a way how it worked in bars. When you would win, your penny would stay in the clown’s mouth until you had collected your prize from the bartender, and then he would press a bottom and the penny would drop into the large coin box. Coin boxes were never completely emptied, but were kept half-full, to make it impossible for a player to move the Penny Drop game and “win by cheating”.

Of course, I have added three way nudging, or else nobody would ever have a chance to win. The two shift keys nudge inward and upward, the Z and /, as well as the Space Bar, nudge the way you would expect them to in any flipperless game. Playing Penny Drop couldn’t be simpler. Start the game, Press R to read the rules window, at least the first time, and then Press P to drop your penny. The gold ball, included with the table, has been replaced with an 1863 United States of America penny. Once the penny has been dropped into the Coin Box, or destroyed, you can start over by simply Pressing P to drop another coin. It's in the Bagatelle section at Pinball Nirvana.



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PN co-founder
Congratulations. As mentioned in the Table Information, you need to show the penny in the clown's mouth to the barkeep in order to win your prize.