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Inserted Coin
Hi, friends at pinball nirvana.

I recently bought an old tabletop toy pinball from TOMY called AMERICAN PINBALL. I saw there was some identical playfield models, but with different styles, called PIRATES TREASURE, COKE PINBALL and ASTRO SHOOTER.

This last one was ported quite perfectly to VPinball by user ALE HAWK in 2003.

I would like to use his script and sounds but attached with my own AMERICAN PINBALL scanned-photographed backglass, playfield, bumpers, apron, etc.

Could you (Ale Hawk) give me permission to catch your script work and make a new adaptation of the game? (I assure you the graphics have been very improved).

Thanks very much
All the best


  • American Pinball10.jpg
    American Pinball10.jpg
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  • BASE 1000x2000.jpg
    BASE 1000x2000.jpg
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  • Marcador copia_2.jpg
    Marcador copia_2.jpg
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  • bumper rojo pequeño copia.jpg
    bumper rojo pequeño copia.jpg
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  • LEFT Slingshot copia.jpg
    LEFT Slingshot copia.jpg
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  • right Slingshot copia.jpg
    right Slingshot copia.jpg
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  • UP slingshot.jpg
    UP slingshot.jpg
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  • BIG BUMPER copia.jpg
    BIG BUMPER copia.jpg
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