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Phantom of the Opera (Data East, 1990) VP8

VP8 Data East SS Recreation Phantom of the Opera 1.5 v1.5 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Solid State Machines


appropriate at this time
I have upload this here cause it is no longer at AJ's. The flipper settings have been tweaked in this version and that is about all it needed, I think so anyway. Fun game, you can with skill rack up bonus multipliers, or if you don't try, you won't get many. Shoot up the middle or side lanes just as easy. The grasshoppers and scorpions ARE getable with direct hits. The catwalk IS kinda easy to repeat, but easy to miss as well. In other words I think this plays alot better now. Well known as a easy machine, this is more so now. 20 minute games easy when in the groove. Many balls will be won, and most multiballs. One of my favorite Pinball tables.

The rom is programmed to show the credits for the VPM version. nvram needed is supplied.


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I've approved your upload Shockman, now available for download, it's the first one I've approved, so I may have to go back and add a screenshot and stuff, still the file is there.


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Excellent work Shocky. You have talent, experience & good eye for VP.

I wish you spent more time on table work instead of... you know... other stuff. ;)
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