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VP8 Williams SS Recreation Pharaoh 1.2 (Williams 1981) released

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Pharaoh 1.2
- new split score display
- new backdrop (thanks Bally for the image)
-new mech sounds (thanks Phoenixx)
-fading light system installed (thanks PD)
-graphic improvements

Magnet keys:
Left Magnet = upperleftkey (default: A)
Right Magnet = upperrightkey (default: ' (apostrophe))

Available at ShivaSite and AJ's.


Pinball Wizard


  • screenshot_500.jpg
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Pinball Wizard
Wow, that looks darn good in the screenshot (need to find time to try it). I don' think I ever played the older version (if I did it was only briefly). I'll need to try and find some time on Sunday to try it out.

It would be cool to animate those juicy standup targets, but that could be difficult if it's a decal (snapshot plus reel would work, but getting a believable slight tilt back on a set 2D graphic might be easier said than done, although "distort" would probably work).


PN co-founder
Very nice looking table, Kristian. I'm not a fan of ramps, but those really look super, sort of two tone chrome. More reason I need to figure out how to get VPM working again. And yes, as far as I know I have everything set up right, just too busy to trouble shoot right now.



Pinball Wizard
Thanks all.

Yes PD, those standup targets are decals. Your animated ones look fantastic in Firepower. If you want to do it I can send you the graphic pieces.


Pinball Wizard
Like I said, it'd have to be done with reels if it uses decals. Maybe I'll look at it in January (too busy now and I'd like to try and update a table or two on my days off like maybe TZ with new lights and the new table angle if I can find enough time).
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