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Pictures... pictures of our pinball faces. Here inside this thread.

Isaac Sauvage

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Note: Was your pic shared below non-approved?
Please let us know ASAP! Can be swiftly removed!

Wither Tim "Tii" Moffett?
About @Tii, but what happened to it him? I mean he created tables every three days ... and he didn't use Bam ...
Yeah man, I'm *still* trying to figure that one out. Tim seemed to disappear from the pin-sim sites last year, and all the music he shared in threads here no longer seems available on Youtube. :/

Since then, I've done a few searches here and there, trying to look up his name in the Dallas, Texas area, but no luck so far. Can't even figure out if the poor guy passed on, or what. I'm thinking he'd be around sixty now, mister Timothy Moffett.

I guess the best source to pursue is probably his Facebook band site, i.e. "Space Gringos." And notice that his brother Dan is still listed, but now Tim's name is seemingly missing from the lineup, zoiks! Anyway, attached are a couple photos publicly shared from their FB acct. First one is Tim with a cool filter applied. Second is Dan on the left, Tim on the right.

Ooh, ooh...!
While searching my "pinball people" pics for an older pic of Tim, I ran across some buddies & personalities from days of yore, i.e. Pop Bumper Pete (love that calm, knowing expression, altho there's another look there I can't quite put my fingerbone on!), Yogiholzer (German laddie, nice guy, spoke terrible English, we all loved him), Sleepy (the late-great Arne McMunn), SLAMT1LT (Russell Speak, leftmost) & Eala Dubhe Sidhe (Dave Sanders, one over), MrHide ("Phillipe" from Montreal, met him once at the Allentown PA show, cool guy, wish we'd had more time to hang), Starman (Walter DerVito, Germany, legend), RandR (i.e. Jason at RandR Computers, and I'm still angry / depressed that hackers evidently brought our bro down), Itchigo (Tim, left) & PBecker (Phil) (as for Tim, I've never seen someone pick up tech so quickly, and as for Phil, I'm still blown away by his legendary "attention to detail" upon so many classic EM's).


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  • Russel Speak (Slamt1lt), Dave Saunders (Ealah), Janos Kiss, Otilia Pasareti, Romain Fontaine.jpg
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No Bam no Play
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Can't even figure out if the poor guy passed on, or what. I'm thinking he'd be about 60 now.
I thought it was a boy, seen the types of tables.... anyway, I hope he is well!

While searching my "pinball people" pics for an older pic of Tim, I ran across some buddies & personalities from days of yore
Nice people!!!

Isaac Sauvage

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Also loved this pic of @rascal (Al Ruben or Al Rosen, something like that), @elton (shorthand for "Elton"), @Itchigo (Tim) and the lads for a special event get-together, couple years ago in Michigan.

Elton: "I came all the way from Wales for *this* shizzle?!" (lol)

Anyway, Rascally-Al leftmost, Tim-Itchigo rightmost, Sir Elton John 5th from right. But the others... the others...?

Lil help, pls! :o


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    Michigan PP2.jpg
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I do miss talking with Starman so much. He was extremely kind and I could always talk with him.

Tim (Itchigo) doesn't live too far from me and now and then we still talk over the phone. Tim is an awesome guy and we love to talk about the "good ole days of Visual Pinball" when it was mostly the "fun factor" and tables didn't require "photo realism" to play just about right. I always like to speak with Tim when he calls but sometimes I'll call him. Tim owns and runs Rogue Pinball for those who didn't know this.

I've met three people because of VP. One is Russ Jensen whom I met at the Pinball Expo at the Chicago Mariott when it was held there. The man was a TREASURE TROVE of info for 1970's to the very beginning of pinball. NEVER met a man so knowledgeable about such things. He knew his stuff.

I also met TWO VP'ers in person whom are no longer with VP. One was Plumb and the other was Mr. Fixx; we met in Illinois and had lunch and shot the BS about VP. It was a complete blast and I for one hope and pray BOTH of them are okay and safe. Plumb could fix just about anything graphic wise that was needed to use in VP. Fixxy was a great player and critic for just about all the VP tables. Those were the FUN DAYS to be sure.

Is that a photo of you Nic? If so, COOL stuff. You're also one of the few folks in VP I've actually talked to on the phone and cherish those times that we can and do. I look forward to talking with you as much as possible in the future.

GREAT stuff Nic and thanks for the posts sir.

PS: Folks I would like to find and talk to are Starman and Warrior. These two guys have hearts of gold. Starman himself was an ARTIST when it came to VP - there is no denying this as each of his releases were just amazing. Warrior only did two tables but I felt I had a certain type of "bond" with this guy and his works. I hope they are both doing fine.

PPS: There ARE some folks in VP I don't even want to know.

Isaac Sauvage

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Alright man, you inspired me to post a couple more.

Is be: JP Salas and wife, Gordon Gilbert (the legendary "PacDude"), the late, great Russ Jensen (famed pinball historian), Destruk (Brian Smith, one of our collective heroes in life), Druadic (flipperless maestro), and Duglis, (classic EM boss).


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Isaac Sauvage

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In the midnight hour, she cried more, more, moar...

Elton on his wedding day (cutest dang pic pon yon history of the universe?), Señor PopeyeArms (StevOz, Steve R., our bro), JonPurpleHaze (our host), Scapino (Kurt H., pioneer of bringing rendering to pin sims), Bob5453 (Bobby McC. @bob, voice of reason who prevented me throwing my computer out the damn window on more than one occasion), Randy Davis (originator of VP, ~20yo pic), Wrenchien (Charles Duncan, Texas, primitive VP genius, or something like that), The Loafer / Loafmeister (Rob C., my early mentor, inspiration, and template in terms of site-staff-work), LeeVanCleef (in the middle; my deranged / evil genius of a blond friend), Pop Bumper Pete trying out his new prosthetic (love you Pete), Kinsey (sadly departed now; early VPF admin and super-excellent table maker).


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I'd like to hope Tii is doing ok,he was always a legend. I have one of his cd's he sent me many years ago. His music was unique, and pretty awesome. His tables always kept me guessing, re what he'd come up with next.

Isaac Sauvage

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I'd like to hope Tii is doing ok,he was always a legend. I have one of his cd's he sent me many years ago. His music was unique, and pretty awesome. His tables always kept me guessing, re what he'd come up with next.
Make you a deal, Marty?

I'll go ahead and bother Space Gringos and Dan Moffett for news upon Tim (never aggressively, mind you), if you could share... one of you in one of your damn cool hats?

Right so, not so?

Sleepy's Sister

Pinball Wizard
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Loved seeing all of the pictures. Hope Tii, GSGregg, and Lee Van Cleef are all doing well. Came by to check out the threads and didn't see any posts from these folks in a while. This is the five year anniversary of Sleepy's passing, so I'm feeling a bit nostalgic tonight. Hope you are doing well too Ike, Nic, Isaac!

Isaac Sauvage

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@Sleepy's Sister,
Hi Kathy; if you swing around again and see this, I'd love to have a better picture of Arne. I think the one we have (above) was from a day in which he had a bad toothache or something? Would also be really cool to see him posing in places he used to frequent around LA, linking back to the stories he used to tell. If somehow possible.

And yeah... wow. It's five years ALREADY? oO Edit: Hmm, found another of Sleepy that I think you contributed at some point. Ain't he a cute lil' rascal?

@GSGregg (the Grand Superba) is below. Like many, he's evidently joined the ranks of those who stop by every once in a while but don't get involved anymore. Similar deal with @LeeVanCleef, who hangs out more on Facebook now, I believe.

Kind of wild how for many years the site was pretty dead in terms of new table content, but a few of us regularly used it to chatter on about this or that. Now it's almost exactly reversed. Of course I do try to scatter some breadcrumbs around for the pigeons, but the current flock seem to be of a different feather. I.e., not big chatterers. Oh well.

Hmm... there we go.
The very circle of life, lol.


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You mean a hat like this one? (positively ancient photo that)
Alternatively I found this black hat hiding on my head in the dimly lit background of a photo from a nightclub decades ago stashed on their website in the darkest reaches of the nethernet...


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Isaac Sauvage

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Thank gorsh for that excellent pic on the left, because that guy on the right is all about nightmare fuel. :(
(awesome Mad Hatter hat, tho!)

Isaac Sauvage

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