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Pinball on ESPN


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I was watching Sportscenter a few minutes ago and they had a segment called "Where are they Now" that featured a ex NBA player named Todd MacCulloch that loves pinball and enters tournaments. I tried to find a video link but failed, here is a related link but perhaps it will be replayed on ESPN.



Wondering if being 7 feet tall would be a disadvantage being so far from the playfield, looked very tough to me on the video..


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If you do not mind,
You watch the World Baseball Classic today.(about 8 hours later.):):):)
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Isaac Sauvage

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wow, looks like a cool article.
i posted an earlier article about "big mac" a couple years ago at VPF.

he lives in my area (last i heard) and i've always wondered if it might be possible to befriend him somehow. but with the amount of random people coming after you as a millionaire and somewhat famous person, it would probably be tough. still...

he's not completely retired, btw.
after his basketball career ended, he started doing color analysis for the sixers.


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I found the video, he actually lives near Seattle and is Canadian.
You can get an idea of how far his head is from the play field..

Another thing, he's ranked 179th in the world and after the vid linked is over, the newscaster mentioned that he's representing Canada in some upcoming Pinball World Championships in England.


Isaac Sauvage

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so he moved from the philly-NJ area to seattle.

big mac is a really smart and funny guy in a laid-back kind of way, if you seattle guys get a chance to rub elbows with him...


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Yukiko, congrats on the WBC win, but remember: there's always next year. Go Cincinnati Reds!! Sorry, I went to high school with Barry Larkin in Cincinnati. Moeller High.
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