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NOTE: Though this is not a "commercial" product, it is always best to put everything related to one subject in one place, just so people can find things, something other forums I wished thought off...

As we all know, both vpx and fp/bam is a bit of a mess with multiple plug-ins and knowledge needed just to get to work. FP does a reasonably good job of this, but the standard VPX installer just doesn't work that great, and is very confusing to most people with it's multiple plug-ins and dmd formats. Throw in things like pinUP popper and a couple of the other display/cabinet systems and quite a few people can end up getting very fustrated just to get the damn thing working without errors. It certainly doesn't help when table devs don't tell people what plug-ins are needed to make their tables work.

Community member NailBuster has done his own "master" installer, called "Baller", which includes VPX, Frenzy, PUPlayer, FlexDMD,FP,BAM, and others (it's quite a list, mostly vpx stuff which sort of proves my point) and is aimed at people who wish to install a all-in-one install of vp/fp and all it's various plug-ins.

As stated at the website: Note: This is for NEW installs only, DO NOT install overtop an existing virtual pinball cabinet!! Best to start with a clean-fresh windows 10.

Oddly enough, I just got my brand new gaming computer a couple days ago and almost set up, so I will be testing out these programs and writing up my thoughts.

Baller does not include any games other than 2, so people who use this will have to download and put in each new game themselves.

If you don't want to wait (Could take a while as I have to back up 22 years of files I've collected) you can grab the installer here at:

As well NailBuster has done some videos, this one is the installation video
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