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PinUP Popper!


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Just wanted to thank NailBuster and @TerryRed for PinUP Popper.
I have been an avid user of PinballX as my choice of frontend for forever..
Looked at PinballY, and Popper a while ago, but what was the point.
They all have the same and/or very similar features, goods points and bad.
PinballX was working perfectly!!
Why would I change to PinUP Popper!

So out of curiosity I downloaded the Baller Installer.
It fucked up my FP and VPX settings, but this was an easy fix.

I know I am late to the party on this one, but this is the most impressive thing I have ever seen!!!
It truly is the One Stop Shop to all things in the Virtual Pinball world.

I am sort of glad this was not available when I joined this hobby, because I had to learn how to do this.
But fuck me how many hours I have not spent trying to figure all this shit out!!

The Baller Installer is the whole package, every systems works flawlessly and everything is all done to perfection.
The media server is also an awesome! touch, everything that used to take hours of searching and research is now only a click away.
I found 10% better media on your server comapired to my many years of searching, about 80% was the same.

PinballX has run flawlessly for me for years.
But to offer a push button solution to the VP community, for all systems needs to be commended!!
And It was executed so well!

Whooops!! So I need to get back on track, since the title is PinUP Popper.
PinUP Popper does pretty much the same as PinballX, but I have retired PinballX for Popper.
It is only a frontend to launch tables.

Yes!!, Popper does a better job as a front end.
It has so many features, menu's options, recording, customization over PinballX it is insane.
I don't use any of the these Popper menu's and have it all turned off.
I use playfield, backglass, DVD movie clips and animated wheels for all my tables.

PinballX can sometimes get bogged down with this process.
The spec's of my PC is certainly not a problem.
Popper glides with ease, there is not hint of stutter and dare I say it I feel tables load faster.
Popper has basically no impact on system resources, Pinballx is not so kind.
Also have to love the import all games feature, saves me some serious typing and I can delete so many XML files now.

Thank you for the Baller Installer to make this hobby enjoyable and simple for everyone.
And thank you for PinUP Popper, the best front end available..
I had no reason to change frontends, but I am so glad that I decided to take the chance, cheers!
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