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Playfield (pic) request


Pinball Wizard
Has anyone got a suitable picture of the playfield for Kings and Queens, (1962?) by Gottlieb, as I want to make it my next mini-pin project.

With those four kick-out holes it should look pretty neat.

I have a stack of photos but none of high quality showing the full playfield and I am have a buggar of a time getting any of them changed to the right perspective.

Help would be appreciated. For those that have yet to see a mini-pin (non-working model) have look here


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Pinball Wizard
Thanks Kinsey.

They are kinda neat aren't they. Everone that's seen them has asked if I sell them. Of course I say no and explain why - copyright and all.

Needless to say I have to make about 7 or 8 for family and friends of family because 'no' isn't in my vocab apparently. :s

If you have a favourite 60's or 70's machine let me know and I'll add it to the list. No promises of course. My enthusiasm is likely to wane at any time, but you just never know. :wink:


Pinball Wizard
I have the above shot (and the backglass) as 'at night' shots too.

Thought that might be cool.

Here is a another not quite as high res


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PN co-founder
Those minipins really are nifty. I wish I could make a few, but I know my limits. I'd probably glue my left eye lid to my right ankle bone, besides my hands not being anywhere near steady enough.



Pinball Nudger
I think that shot you posted is the same one I have. You won't find much better than that. What exactly are you trying to do? Are you looking for a new pic? If so, what would you want different about it? I know I have quite a few for this table but the one you posted above is probably about the best one I have. If you need help with changing perspective, let me know if I can help.


Pinball Wizard
Thanks rob046 for the offer of help.

It is the perspective thing. I've tried with the limited capabitlites I have but can't get it anywhere near right.

I basically am trying to get a realatively flat image (in perspective) so I can make into a mini-pin.

The top picture is great quality and I would like to use it, but I'm just about to give up and try something else.

As I said, any help would be appreciated.


Pinball Nudger
OK, I did a little work for you. I changed the perspective of the above pic for you. Since the angle was a bit extreme, it doesn't look too good as an overhead but can be fixed up a little more through photoshop.

Luckily, I was able to find another pic of Kings and Queens. It was a high resolution pic and closer to the angle you want. I straightened it out the rest of the way. It looks much better than the original one.

I will post both of them anyhow in full size. They are each a few MB. The first one is the original one. The second one is the better one, IMO. It had some glare in the middle of the PF but I fixed the worst of it. You can still see some glare above the banner in the middle of the PF. I just fixed the banner. You can fix the glare on that kind card pretty easily. You can photoshop it out pretty easily since it's all a solid color pretty much. Or, you can use the first pic to cut and paste a piece on to the new pic to patch it up. I was going to do that for you but I realized that I have a ton of work to do myself.

Here is the original pic straightened out, it is actually probably bigger than it originally was. It will look much sharper if you shrink it a little but it looks pretty good as it is. I imagine you will be shrinking it anyhow. I figured it would be easier for you to work with if it was full size. Due to changing perspective, this pic is missing a chunk at the bottom. The second pic isn't like that which is why I suggest using it. Use this pic and the original angle to patch things up or whatever:

http://www.personal.psu.edu/users/r/s/rsa136/KoQ 1.jpg

Here is the new one:

http://www.personal.psu.edu/users/r/s/rsa136/KoQ 2.jpg


Pinball Wizard
Thanks a lot rob for working on that for me. If I at any time can help you out just let me know.

I'll download them and check them out. Just wait a sec ....

Would you believe I found that second pic on my hard drive today and have also been working on it.

My daughter had photoshop elements 2 so I gave it a try, but I can see there is a bit of learning curve to it so I went back to paintshop pro 8 which I at least know where most things are. That photoshop is only a cut-down version but is still pretty darn good from what I could gather. (She got it with her digital camera and they don't know how to drive it so they gave the program to me :lol: )

I'll post a pic of what I had done and also I tarted it up a little. Turned out pretty good too, I reckon.

Again, thanks for fixing those for me.


  • k_and_q_frm.jpg
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Pinball Nudger
Yeah, that pretty much looks like the one I did. Same pic for sure. Same glare. You can see where I fixed the banner. That kind of glare is easy enough to fix, especially when there isn't any complex art underneath. It's mainly solid colors.
It's pretty easy to change perspective with the right program.
The only problem I see with the pic you just posted is that it looks a little too short from top to bottom.
The one I posted is about the size ratio you would want. It's like 1500x3000. If you make the pic a little taller, you should be all set. :wink: