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Please Help unresolved ball ishiues on my table


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Hello everybody I'm haveing an ishue when my table goes into

two ball mode and one of the two gets drained it my ballstart

launches anotherball and it you lose a ball out of the five you

get per game a clear solution would be great thanx as i'm still

slowly learing some things in scripting youll have to explain

yourself thax again James :s


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It sounds like you need to let your script know that you created another ball (multiball) and then when one of those balls drain you destroy that ball, but you don't create a new one. Almost every table I have made has multiple balls on the table at one time or another, take a look at one of the scripts or other peoples tables and you will learn alot.

Maybe you could post your Sub Drain_Hit code and we could help you out a little easier.


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ball ishues

hey bob everyone here is my ball drain code maybe that can

help I hope this my only problemn then I can finally release

whell thanx in advance


  • sub_drain_hitaddscore_100_105.doc
    16 KB · Views: 374


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RE: ball ishues

Wow, that's a big Sub Drain_Hit :)

I can only tell you how I would do it. Add a Ballcount variable to keep tract of how many balls are on the table. Whenever you create a ball, then...

BallCount = Ballcount +1

Whenever a ball drains then....

Ballcount = Ballcount -1
If Ballcount > 0 Then Drain.DestroyBall : Exit Sub

If you were only going to have a possibility of 2 balls on the table at any one time, you could just add a flag or a Variable that is either True or False. When you create your extra ball, then be sure to add.... Multiball = True

If Multiball = True Then Drain.DestroyBall : Multiball = False : Exit Sub
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