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VP8 Flipperless Recreation Poosh Senior released


PN co-founder
Another new Poosh bagatelle from Northwestern Products. I've never seen this table before finding it on the Internet, but then except for the two I had as a boy, I had never seen any others. I now have my suspicions that Northwestern wasn't in business as long as I had thought, possible they ceased operations in the early to mid 60s, ten years earlier that I had figured.

With all the shadows on Poosh Senior, pin placement probably isn't as accurate as I would like, but it sould be close. A few of the pins have been placed in slightly different positions, since they interferred with the smooth play of this game. This is the first Poosh game I've seen with this cup layout, so there may be others of this design, but with different graphics out there somewhere. To download this piece of bagatelle history, use this link:



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