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Power Play se3 Build 06.15.06


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My new release, Bally's Power Play, is now available for your playing pleasure. This is my first new release in 6 months, and only took 2 weeks from start to finish. This uses the shivaEngine3 script engine, as well as 4 code snippets files (VBS).

Like the Playboy se3 version, this uses the built in scoring chime system, which like the actual arcade game played a sound based on score. In fact, because of the nature of the design, and a few little enhancements, it's rather more involved than the actual arcade game.

I am very pleased how this one came out, I think you will find this one to be a rather fun, very playable little game, though rather easy. Like all Bally's of that era, once you figure out the main feature to shoot for, it was rather easy to wrap the score afterwards. This version is not as easy as the other versions, but still quite easy.

Like Playboy, there are 3 skill levels, matched to the pin settings from the actual game. This is set to the medium setting, and is also set to 3 balls per game. You can change the settings in the script editor, the conservative setting in the game scores lower points than the other 2 settings, as well, you have to make all 8 targets, instead of just a bank.

This is not a exact translation, I had a bit of fun with this one, and added a couple features that were not part of the game, like the target bank reset effect. Power Play in real life was a pretty boring game after all.

This uses the exact same shivaEngine3 script as playboy, so the same script will drive both games, as long as you have the contents of both tables and their code snippets in the same folder. You should also have the newest build of playboy se (build 06.15.06, also released today) for this, as because of the changes to the se3 script, you will get errors with the older playboy build. You can keep them in separate folders if you like if you do not wish to download the new Playboy build.


Download Power Play:

This will be mirrored at IRP shortly as well:

Build 06.22.06 available here at Pinball Nirvana


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The first time you start a game, the pop bumpers pop about the same time the ball enters the shooter lane. However on subsequent games they don't? Just found that odd - the drops fall real easy, the game plays very well. Thanks shiva.


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Yeah they do. It's a timer call I didn't block. I left them in, but forgot to add them to do that with each new game start. Oops. :)

(Hey, I liked the effect)

Not sure about the targets, pretty standard settings I always use. Must be the angle of them. I will try them at extra stiff and see if it's better.


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Power Play Build 06.22.06

Since I now have a account here, it makes it very easy to update the table, instead of playing around with the download system, which really doesn't like me.

A new build is now available. Changes were made due to feedback, as well as some fixes.

- Your changed settings for balls and goals are now saved with the table (Oops...)
- Targets "stiffened" a bit
- Volume of chime sounds decreased by 25%
- Sound quality bumped up just a bit
- Removed some useless things
- Changed a couple object settings. Flippers a bit weaker, just ball flow stuff
- Changed external file code call for those people who insist on using Norton

There are other things I proberly changed in this version, just forgot to write them down... :)

Build 06.22.06 available here at Pinball Nirvana


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RE: Power Play Build 06.22.06

Power Play is great, but could you post a link to SE3? I could not find a download at your site, just a bunch of talk about it. It looks from Power Play that that would be a nifty way to make a table. Are the models for pops and stuff in SE3 or just a logic engine. I could not tell much with PP locked up tight, I thought it was a teaching venture shiva?


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RE: Power Play Build 06.22.06

I never said it was a teaching venture. The only reason I have additional stuff was really for myself, which is the way it's gonna be from now on, like everything else now. The only person that decides what I do is me, and it's on my terms. No different than the vast majority of the community really.

It's a engine, not a template. I have my own specialized templates, but because of previous events that have happened, and because the engine isn't even a beta, I decided not to release them. The engine was built solely for my own personal use, and no one else.

If someone wants to use it for their own table, they can, but my days of spending days/weeks/months/years and get not back anything but grief are over. It's only worth my time if I want to do it, and at the moment, I honestly just don't feel like it. Most devs can figure it out easily enough for themselves, they can release a template if they want to.

The only reason I even release anything anymore is to find bugs and problems, and improve the engine for myself and for my tables. People can go ahead and continue their pissing contest, and their politics, it was because of them I lost my love for pinball the last few years, and I decided they just aren't worth the effort anymore.

I just want to make tables now, that's what makes me happy. The tables I do release and the engine should just be considered a little bonus to the people who like my style of table development.
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